European Breads Bakery

The crappy thing about being a lone diner is that it can be a little awkward going out to joints to eat, especially if said joint is empty. That was the problem I encountered during my recent visit to European Breads Bakery, which is a small bakery/cafe located on Fraser Street, not far from King Edward Avenue. They have a menu of Eastern European breakfast and lunch items, crepes, drinks, as well as various baked goods. I originally wanted to eat lunch there, but the cafe was empty when I arrived, and I thought it was going to be just too awkward. So instead, I went over to Prado Cafe. I did pick up some of their food, including their Meat Pie, Blueberry Pie, and Poppyseed Cake.

Meat Pie ($2.95):

This was filled with ground beef. The pastry outside was quite flaky and had a nice flavour. There was a fairly good amount of ground beef feeling inside. I did, however, find the beef to be a little dry and bland.

Blueberry Pie ($2.95):

The pastry was similar to that of the meat pie, but was a bit sweeter. There was a good amount of thick blueberry filling inside. The blueberry was a bit on the bland side for me, but probably good for those who don’t like overly sweet pastries.

Poppyseed Cake ($3.59):

This is like a swiss roll that’s filled with a poppyseed filling. The cake was a tad on the dry side, but still soft and moist. The poppyseeds were a bit on the bitter side; I don’t know if that’s how they’re supposed to taste, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the flavour personally.

Even though I didn’t have the opportunity to try any of the breakfast or lunch items, I did quite enjoy the baked goods at European Breads. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of the popyseed cake, but the pies were pretty good, and the prices were fairly reasonable. All in all, this is a joint that I’d recommend checking out.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Pies
European Breads Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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