Bao Bakery

Not long ago, one of my colleagues brought some moon cakes to one of our weekly lab meetings, the ones with salted egg yolks inside. This quite shocked the non-Chinese/Japanese members of the lab; they were confused as to why you’d put egg yolks in a pastry. Because they taste good? I like salted eggs yolks; they have a great oily texture.

Anyways, I recently visited Bao Bakery, a Chinese/Asian-style bakery located on 41st, right by the Joyce Skytrain Station. They have a large selection of steamed baos, buns, and various other baked goods. I had their BBQ Pork, Ube Bean, Chicken Deluxe, and Racy Yolky Bao.

BBQ Pork Bao ($2.75):

The bun was very fluffy and soft, with a great chewy texture. It was filled with a great amount of pork. The pork was tender and had a great bit of sweetness to it.

Ube Bean Bao ($2.05):

Again, there was a good amount of filling inside. The ube was creamy and sweet. It might be a bit on the sweeter side for some people, but I quite enjoyed it.

Chicken Deluxe Bao ($3.60):

This contained BBQ pork, salted egg yolk, and ham. Again, the bun was filled with a good amount of meat. The meat was flavourful, tender and juicy; there also seemed to be some water chestnuts inside that provided a bit of crunch.

Racy Yolky Bao ($2.90):

This was filled with custard and salted egg yolk. The custard was sweet and creamy, while the egg yolk was oily and provided a great saltiness to balance the sweetness. This is definitely a great twist on the regular custard version.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the food that I’ve tried at Bao Bakery, in particular their Racy Yolky. The prices are also very fair. All in all, this is a bakery that I STRONGLY recommend checking out; if you’re adventerous, do try the egg yolk one.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Baos (favourite was racy yolky)
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