Tatsu Japanese Bistro

To keep this one short, my mom’s birthday has arrived and she specifically told me that she wanted to eat sushi rolls, the fancy kind with seafood and avocado (which I’m actually allergic to, but who cares, I’m not a huge fan of sushi anyways). Being a completely home-bound recluse who doesn’t go more than 5 blocks out of the house, I had to resort to ordering takeout. I decided to try out Tatsu Japanese Bistro, which is a Japanese place located on Commercial Drive. I ordered three of their special sushi rolls: Prosciutto, Bull’s, and Lobster. I also got some food for myself, including their Kushiyaki Platter, Teriyaki Chicken, and Loco Moco.

Kushiyaki Platter, 6 pcs ($13.95):

Kushiyaki Platter, 6 pcs

This came with two skewers each of chicken, shrimp, and bacon scallop. My favourite was actually the chicken, which was tender, juicy, and very flavourful. The shrimp was a bit on the bland side. The bacon had a nice smoky flavour, although the scallop was (as expected), quite small.

Teriyaki Chicken ($9.95):

Teriyaki Chicken

I was a bit disappointed to see that the chicken didn’t come with any skin. The meat was still tasty however, being tender and juicy, with a nice smoky grilled flavour. It was a tad on the bland side however

Loco Moco ($9.95):

Loco Moco

This consisted of either a beef or pork patty (I picked pork) on rice, and is served with rice, a fried egg, veggies, and sauce. The patty was quite tender and juicy, and had a nice flavour. The egg was slightly runny in the middle. I did find the sauce to be a tad tangy however.

Prosciutto Special Roll ($11.50):

Prosciutto, Lobster, and Bull’s Special Roll

This came with mango, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese and prosciutto. I didn’t have this since I’m allergic to avocado; my mom quite enjoyed it though (she loves prosciutto).

Bull’s Special Roll ($11.95):
This came with ebi tempura, teriyaki beef, crab, cucumber, lettuce, and tempura crisps. I actually wanted to try this roll, but unfortunately it does come also with avocado (though not listed in the description). But my mom really enjoyed it; this was actually her favourite of the three rolls.

Lobster Special Roll ($15.95):
This came with barbecue lobster meat, asparagus, avocado and cucumber. Again, I wasn’t able to try this roll, but this was actually my mom’s least favourite of the three. The lobster meat that they give you is apparently from the claw, which most people don’t like.

Although I haven’t visited Tatsu, the food that I had received from delivery was quite solid. Their prices were also fairly reasonable. All in all, a decent place for some Japanese fare.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Kushiyaki Platter, Bull’s Special Roll
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