After my visit to Soirette I’m left quite puzzled. You see, I’ve never visited the shop before, but I’ve seen pictures posted online of people appearing to enjoy afternoon tea there (the kind that involves cakes and small pastries/sandwiches). This indicated to me that the place should be like a cafe with seating. However, when I visited, I saw that was not the case: the shop was tiny with just a front counter while the back appears to be just a kitchen where people dressed in chef outfits were busy at work making macarons. So what’s up with all the photographs of people having tea? The only thing I could think of is that maybe they’ve gone through some changes and have now stopped serving tea.

Fortunately, I wasn’t interested in tea; I just wanted some pastries. The shop is best known for their macarons, but they do also serve up cakes, various teas, and other small treats such as chocolates. I purchased a box of 6 Macarons and two of their mini cakes (unfortunately I can’t remember what flavours they were).

6 Macarons ($15):

I had the Vancouver Fog, Praline, Pistachio, Matcha, Almond Butter Cookie, and French Rose. The outer layer of the macarons weren’t as crispy as the ones from Bon Macarons, but they did have a nice, chewy interior that I quite liked. The flavours for most of them were fairly good (Vancouver Fog, Praline, Almond Butter Cookie) were fairly strong; a few others (Pistachio) were a bit too subtle and weak for me to detect. My favourites were the Praline and Matcha.

“Pink” Mini Cake ($7.50):

I can’t remember the flavour of the cake; I think it was raspberry. The cake itself was quite tender and moist, with a slightly tangy flavour. I wasn’t a big fan off the frosting however, which was a bit bland and also greasy. And while the pearl decorations on top were certainly pretty, they were also very crunchy and a bit unpleasant to bite upon.

“Green” Mini Cake ($7.50):

Again, I don’t remmber the flavour of the cake, but it definitely had a floral fragrance to it. It was a bit harder and drier than the pink cake, but was still tender. Although I still found the frosting to be greasy and a bit bland, the pearls decorating this cake ware much smaller and less unpleasant to bite upon.

The macarons at Soirette were quite tasty, although I don’t think that their flavours were as intense as the ones from Bon Macaron. The cakes were also enjoyable, but not great. I do find their prices to be a tad on the higher side, though not too bad. All in all, this isn’t a place that I think you absolutely must visit, but it is still worth stopping by if you’re a fan of macarons.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 3/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Macarons

Soirette Pastry Boutique Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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