BBT Cafe

I’ve finally watched There Will Be Blood (starring Daniel Day Lewis) this weekend. Yes, I know that the movie came out like ten years ago, but I was young(er) back then and wasn’t interested in watching some 2.5 hour period drama that looks slow and boring as hell (truth is, I still am not). But recently, while looking through someone’s list of the best movie endings of the 21st century, the aforementioned movie came up on number one. Out of curiosity, I decided to search the scene up on Youtube and…decided that I should watch the entire movie just so that I can understand wtf happened. It did drag a bit for sure, but DDL was awesome (and that mustache too). And I never thought that that “milkshake” could be used menacingly, but seriously, that was like a Hannibal “I ate his liver” moment, complete with the creepass slurping he made.

Sadly, I can’t enjoy real milkshakes anymore, not unless I want to have a massive stomachache later. Strangely (and fortunately) though, I’m still able to enjoy most other foods and drinks that contain dairy, including bubble tea. I decided to get myself one of those during my visit to BBT Cafe this week. The latter is a Chinese/Taiwainese shop in Kerrisdale that serves the aforementioned bubble tea (and other drinks) and a variety of popular Asian snacks and meals. In addition to getting a Fresh Taro Bubble Tea (with pearls), I had their Pork Dumplings and Chicken Nuggets.

Pork Dumplings ($8.95):

This came with ten boiled dumplings. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the dumplings were actually pretty juicy (similar to xiao long bao). The ground pork was also quite tender, although I could have done with a touch more salt.

Chicken Nuggets ($5.95 on Mondays, $8.95 regular):

This is on special on Monday. The pieces of chicken were quite meaty and juicy and well seasoned, with a salty and slightly peppery flavour. I would have liked it to be a bit more crispy.

Fresh Taro Bubble Tea ($6):

Fresh Taro Bubble Tea

The bubble tea was thick and creamy, and not overly sweet. I was very pleased to find that it wasn’t at all icy (i.e. you can drink the whole thing without the bottom part turning into a block of ice). The pearls had a nice chewy texture.

So There Will Be Blood is a bit of a slow burn with a few threads/plot lines that I personally could have done without, but DDL is entertaining, and the ending/payoff is seriously fantastic. As for BBT Cafe, I did quite enjoy their food, in particular their bubble tea. Unfortunately, I did find the price for their drinks to be a bit expensive: the are generally around $5-$5.5 plus an additional $0.5 if you want pearls (which you do since it’s not bubble tea without pearls); the prices for their food, however, are very reasonable. The service was pretty minimal, but the staff was friendly (and they speak Mandarin, so I didn’t look stupid). All in all, I’d recommend checking this place out.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Chicken Nuggets, Fresh Taro Bubble Tea
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