Mon Paris

I go to Metrotown quite often, and each time, I’d pass by Mon Paris. They are a patisserie located just across the skytrain station that produces a pretty good assortment of chocolates, pastries, and pretty-looking cakes. I’ve visited the shop once before about a year ago and recently, decided to revisit the place. This time I had their Kouign-amann, Bacon and Cheese Bun, Double Baked Pistachio and Raspberry Croissant, Winter Special, Caramelia, Raspberry Caramel Tea Cake, and Almond Double Baked Croissant.

Kouign-amann ($3):

The pastry itself, while not melt-in-your-mouth, was still quite flaky and buttery, with a moist centre. The sugar outside the pastry was nicely caramelized and crispy.

Bacon and Cheese Bun ($3):

This wasn’t really a “bun”, but more of a croissant-like pastry dough that’s been rolled up into a spiral. It was a bit too hard/crisp, but did have a nice buttery flavour. It also had a good amount of bacon and cheddar.

Double Baked Pistachio and Raspberry Croissant ($4.70):

The croissant was well caramelized and had a great crispness on the edges, although the bottom was a bit soggy from the pistachio and raspberry filling. The pistachio flavour was quite forward: there was both paste inside the croissant and chopped pistachio on top. The raspberry jam had a great sweet fragrance and also tanginess that paired well with the pistachio.

Winter Special ($6):

This contained a thin layer of cake topped with mousse and a red current jelly. The cake was quite tender and moist while the mousse was light and fluffy. The red current jelly provided a great tanginess.

Caramelia ($6):

This contained a tart shell with apples and topped with caramel cream and mini cream puffs. The puffs were also filled with caramel cream, which was a bit stiff, bu thad a great fragrance and paired well with the apples, which were a little bland on their own, but provided a nice bit of crunch. I found the crust to be a little bland.

Raspberry Caramel Tea Cake ($5):

This consisted of a cake that’s surrounded by a layer of caramel/chocolate and topped with caramel cream and raspberries. The cake itself was quite moist. Again, the caramel cream on top was a tad bit stiff, but still tasty, while the raspberry provided a bit of tanginess that went well with the caramel. I really enjoyed the outer shell of caramel, which had a great crunch and fragrance, although it was a bit difficult to cut through.

Almond Double Baked Croissant ($4.90):

Almond Double Baked Croissant

My mom had this, and raved about how good it was. Big thumbs up from her.

I’m glad to have had the chance to revisit Mon Paris: I quite enjoyed everything they made, in particular the double baked croissants and cakes. The prices are a tad on the higher side, but still reasonable given the quality of their food. This is a shop that’s definitely worth checking out in my books.

Food: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Double Baked Croissants, Cakes
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