Running Chicken

Not too long ago I attended a Christmas dinner party with my lab mates. One of them was Korean and brought homemade fried chicken to the dinner, and someone brought up Running Chicken, which was a joint at UBC above the International Food Court that serves up Korean style fried chicken. Even though my colleagues didn’t really give the place glowing reviews, I decided to check it out anyways. In addition to the aforementioned chicken, which they offer in several flavours (plain, passion, honey soy, spring) they have a pretty good menu of popular Korean dishes. I had their Carbonara Tteokpokki with Cheese, Deep Fried Dumplings, and Half & Half (Passion and Honey Soy) fried chicken.

Carbonara Tteokpokki with Cheese ($9 + $1.50):

This consisted of rice cakes in a cream sauce with bacon, onions, and a few pieces of broccoli, as well as cheese for an extra $1.5. I really enjoyed the rice cakes, which had a great chewy texture. The sauce was rich and creamy, albeit a tad watery. It was oddly sweet however; I would have preferred the dish to be more savoury.

Deep Fried Dumplings, 5 pc ($6):

The dumplings were filled with a mixture of pork and chive. The skins on the exterior were quite crispy. The chive provided a nice fragrance. Unfortunately, I did find the pork to be a bit bland and one note.

Half & Half, Passion and Honey Soy ($24):

The chicken pieces were tender, juicy, and meaty. I quite enjoyed the Passion, which was flavourful and had a great heat. The Soy was a bit less exciting in comparison, although it was still flavourful. The main problem I had with the chicken, however, was that it was not crispy. In fact, if I wasn’t told that it was supposed to be fried chicken, I probably would have thought that it was stir fried. The whole portion was quite generous, and is probably good to share between 3-4 people (I had it all to myself though).

So I guess my colleagues were right in their review of Running Chicken: the food there were just mostly mediocre. The prices were fairly reasonable, and the staff I encountered were friendly. This isn’t a place that I’d necessarily recommend, but if you’re at UBC it is a decent option for some Korean food.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Passion Fried Chicken, Carbonara Tteokpokki
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