Trattoria Italian Kitchen – Kits

I’ve had pasta several times at different Italian restaurants. On every occasion, the waiter could come with parmesan, shave some over the dish and leave on their own. The staff I encountered at Tratorria was a bit different however. The aforementioned restaurant belongs to the Glowbal franchise and has a couple of locations in Metro Vancouver; I had the opportunity to visit their Kits location. Of course, being the cheap Asian I am, I visited on a Tuesday where they have all their pastas for just $13. Being the even cheaper Asian that I am, I ordered the most expensive pastas: Truffled Spaghetti & Signature Meatballs and Crab & Lobster Ravioli (even though I don’t really care for seafood, but it’s normally $25 so I’m saving more money). Once the dishes came out, one of the waiters came to bring me parmesan. I expected him to just shave the amount he thinks is acceptable and leave, but no, he just kept on shaving. And shaving. And shaving. My spaghetti was soon covered in a soft layer of parmesan, and I noticed the waiter glancing at me (while still shaving), and it finally dawned on me that he was waiting for me to tell him when to stop (I can be quite slow). I quickly told him to stop.

Truffled Spaghetti & Signature Meatballs ($24.95, $13 on Tuesdays):


This came with three good-sized meatballs and a dollop of truffle cream. The spaghetti itself was perfectly cooked to my personal liking, being tender while still retaining a good chew. The cream provided great richness and had a wonderful fragrance. The meatballs appear to be made from beef, and were quite tender and juicy; unfortunately, I did find them to be a tad underseasoned and bland.

Crab & Lobster Ravioli ($24.95, $13 on Tuesdays):


This came in a creamy tomato sauce. Again, the ravioli was cooked to my liking and contained a generous amount of filling, which was flavourful and very savoury (I’m not even a big seafood fan, and I still really enjoyed it). The sauce was also very flavourful and rich. The portion was a bit on the smaller side (the dish came with half a dozen in total); personally, I wouldn’t have paid for the full price.

I quite enjoyed the pastas at Trattorria. The prices were a bit on the higher side during regular days, but a great bargain during Tuesdays. The service was very good: the food comes out quite quickly, and the waiter I had was great (and didn’t seem to get mad at me for making him shave all that parmesan, or if he did, at least he didn’t show it). Definitely check this place out (and if you’re cheap like me, go on Tuesdays).

Saved about $24 by going on Tuesday.

Food: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5 (4/5 on Tuesdays)
Service: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Truffled Spaghetti & Signature Meatballs, Crab & Lobster Ravioli
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