Duffin’s Donuts

I’ve spent most of my winter break watching movies, one of which was the Edge of Seventeen. It was good; I didn’t think it was laugh out loud funny or anything, but it was pretty charming and enjoyable. Even though it was supposedly set in America, the movie was clearly filmed in Vancouver. How do I know? Because one of the scenes took place in Duffin’s Donuts, which is located quite close to my house. I’ve never actually visited the place however, and after watching the movie and hearing Woody Harrelson recommending the donuts there, I decided to finally check the place out. In addition to the aforementioned donuts (which they serve in about two dozen different varieties), the place actually has a pretty large menu consisting of sandwiches, burgers, fries, and Mexican food. I got four donuts (Chocolate Peanut, Angel, Buttermilk with Custard, and Bear Claw), two Pupusas (Pork and Bean and Cheese), and a Beef Steak Sub.

Pork and Bean Pupusa ($2.99):

The corn tortilla was soft and had a nice fragrance, although I did find it to be a tad on the dry side. The bean did provide a nice creaminess. I couldn’t really taste much of the pork however, and I do find the amount of filling to be a bit stingy in general.

Cheese Pupusa ($2.99):
This was similar to the pork and bean pupusa, except with cheese. Again, I found the amount of filling to be too scant: I actually had difficulty detecting the cheese. The surrounding tortilla was enough to make it enjoyable, however.

Angel Donut ($1.25):

This is a yeast donut that’s filled with chocolate icing and coated in shredded coconut. The donut itself was reasonably light and fluffy. There was a generous amount of icing, which while a tad greasy, had a nice chocolaty flavour. I really enjoyed the coconut, which provided a great fragrance.

Chocolate Peanut Donut ($1.25):
This is a chocolate cake donut that’s filled with flaked/ground peanuts. The donut is quite tender and moist. The peanuts provided a wonderful fragrance; I couldn’t really detect much of the chocolate flavour, but that’s fine since I really enjoyed the peanuts.

Beef Steak Sub ($5.29):

This was filled with pieces of steak, mayo, pickles, vegetables. It usually comes with avocado, but because I’ve got an allergy, I asked them to remove it. The bread was really nicely toasted, being crispy on the outside and had a nice crispiness on the outside. The meat was also quite tasty, and was well seasoned and not too tough; the amount was a bit stingy however. I really enjoyed the mayo and vegetables.

Buttermilk Donut with Custard ($1.25):

Their buttermilk donuts comes with several varieties of fillings; I had their custard version. The donut had a cakey texture, and was tender and moist. I did find the custard to be a bit too hard/goopy; I think think that one of their jam fillings is probably better.

Bear Claw ($2):
This was a yeast donut that was filled with cinnamon apples. The dough was once again soft and fluffy. The apples still had a nice crispness to them. I did find the donut to be quite bland however; the apples were tart without much sweetness and there wasn’t enough glaze on the exterior.

So Woody Harrelson was right: the donuts at Duffin’s Donuts were quite solid and quite reasonably priced too. And while I didn’t care for the pupusas, the sandwich was tasty. This is definitely a place that I’d recommend visiting.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Donuts, Sandwiches
Duffin's Donuts Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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