Mei Yee Bakery

Mei Yee, is a Chinese/Asian bakery located on the corner of Victoria and 41st. They produce a pretty impressive assortment of cakes, buns, cookies, steamed buns, and other goodies. I’ve visited the place once, a number of years ago, to buy a cake for my dad’s birthday. I decided to revisit the place recently. Unfortunately, when I tried taking pictures of their food, a staff member saw me and asked me to stop. Well, that’s fine (I understand that people may want some privacy), but since I don’t have photos, I can’t remember the exact names of some of the stuff I bought or their prices, so I’ll just put them in quotation marks. I had a Bola-Bola Steamed Bun, “Sticky Rice with Pork”, “Taro Bun with Crispy Topping”, “BBQ Pork Bun with Crispy Topping”, “Custard Bun with Crispy Topping” and “Pork Floss Onion Roll”.

Bola-Bola Steamed Bun ($2):

This contained egg, pork, sausages, chestnuts, mushrooms among other fillings. The bun was nice and fluffy. There was a pretty good amount of filling, which albeit a tad on the blander side, was still tasty and savoury, with a lot of different textures. This was very large, almost twice the size of other buns.

“Sticky Rice with Pork” (around $1.20):

This consisted of glutinous rice that’s stuffed with ground pork. The outer parts had a slightly nice bit of crispiness while the rice had a bit of sweetness. The filling was quite savoury and had a bit of a seafood-like flavour to it.

Taro Bun with Crispy Topping (around $1.20):

This was a pineapple ball that’s filled with taro paste. The bun was quite sluffy and soft; I really enjoyed the topping, which provided great sweetness and texture. The taro was creamy and mildly sweet; I do wish there could be a bit more filling, however.

BBQ Pork Bun with Crispy Topping (around $1.20):

This was the same as the taro bun, except with BBQ pork. The pork had a pretty unusual bright red colour, but was still tender, and had a nice sweetness. It was not as overstuffed as the one from New Town, but the amount of filling was still generous.

Custard Bun with Crispy Topping (around $1.20):

This was the same as the taro bun, but with custard filling. I quite enjoyed the custard, which was creamy and mildly sweet. Again, the filling was not well distributed throughout the bun, but there was a fairly good amount in the centre.

“Pork Floss Onion Roll” (around $1.20):

This was essentially a small swiss roll cake that’s topped with green onions and pork floss. The cake itself was quite soft and moist. Unfortunately, I did find the combination of the onion and cake to be a bit too weird/off-putting.

I really enjoyed my visit to Mei Yee. The food, while not as good as some other places like New Town, were still solid and the prices are a great bargain. I’d definitely recommend checking this place out.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Steamed Buns, Buns with Crispy Topping, “Sticky Rice with Pork”
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