Banh Mi Saigon

Have you ever had an incident where you’re eating something in public, and there’s someone there staring at you hungrily and you feel really awkward and a little guilty about it? It happened to me recently after my visit to Banh Mi Saigon. However, instead of a human, this time it was a crow.

Well, this is a little awkward…

I encountered this guy during my trip to Banh Mi Saigon. The latter is a small Vietnamese joint located on Victoria, a couple of blocks from 41st Avenue. Their menu consists of mostly Banh Mi sandwiches and various drinks; they do have an oven inside and probably make their own bread and everything else from scratch. Their sandwiches all contain vegetables and mayo, with different meats depending on the variety that you chose, and currently range from $5-$5.50. I had their Heo Uop Xa (Lemongrass Pork), Ga (Chicken), and Dac Biet (Special) Banh Mi.

Carrying my baguettes, I headed over to a nearby bus stop and waited for the 20 to come an take me back home. This is where I encountered the crow showed up and began staring at me, or more accurately, the baguettes that were sticking out of the bag that I was holding. I guess I can’t really blame it too much since the sandwiches do look awfully tasty. Finally, I caved in and put a small piece of one baguette onto the ground for the bird before making my way home with the rest.

Heo Uop Xa, Lemongrass Pork Banh Mi ($5.50):

This contained lemongrass pork, mayo, and vegetable. The bread was quite crusty on the outside. It was a tad bit soggy on the interior due to the filling. The meat was well-seasoned and flavourful, albeit a tad on the dry side. I really enjoyed the mayo, which provided a great creaminess. I didn’t think the sandwich was as overstuffed as some reviewers say, but they were still quite generous with the meat.

Ga, Chicken Banh Mi ($5.50):

This contained chicken, mayo, soy sauce, and vegetable. Flavourwise, this was quite similar to the lemongrass pork, except with chicken instead. The meat here was more tender and juicy. Although the portion seemed a bit more stingy than that from the pork. Again, I really enjoyed the mayo, which was creamy and flavourful.

Dac Biet, Special Banh Mi ($5.50):

This contained ham, headcheese, meat ball, meat loaf, pate, mayo, soy sauce, and vegetable. This sandwich was certainly not short on meat. All off the coldcuts were tender and quite flavourful (quite honestly, I’ve got no idea of what I was eating, but it was all tasty). I do wish that there was a bit more mayo in this sandwich however: the flavour wasn’t as prevalent as it was in the two previous sandwiches.

I’m really glad to have checked out Banh Mi Saigon. The sandwiches didn’t blow me away, but were still very tasty, with a good amount of filling. They are also quite generous in size for the price. This is definitely a place that I’d recommend for a tasty and very affordable meal.

Food: 4/5
Price: 5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Banh Mi (which ever variety you prefer)
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