The Mexican

There were two things that came into my mind when I saw the specials board in The Mexican. 1. That’s the cutest mouse. 2. I wonder what the “Dear Trump: Mexicans will not pay for the wall” dish is like. I’m certainly no expert on Mexican food and I’ve never heard of the dish before; I’m sure that it’s a specialty that’s only served in Mexico and maybe some Central American countries. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have the courage yet to try something that sounds so exotic. Fortunately, the rest of their menu contained mostly popular dishes that I’m more familiar with. I ended up getting their Cubana Torta and Burrito (with Carnitas).

*tempted to order the last dish on the specials*

Cubana Torta ($11):

Their tortas are all filled with vegetables, cheese, chipotle mayo and usually guacamole (I had it omitted since I’ve got an avocado allergy); this version comes with turkey, pork sausage, and milanesa (breaded steak). I seriously loved this sandwich: the bread was soft and fluffy, and the filling was very flavourful, with the meat being tender and well-seasoned and the mayo and sausage providing a nice bit of heat. The sandwich was quite overstuffed: I had trouble eating it because the fillings were falling out.

Burrito with Carnitas ($12):

This was filled with beans, rice, cheese, and your choice of meat (I had the carnitas). The tortilla was soft and slightly chewy. There was a generous amount of filling inside. The meat was quite tender and juicy while the beans provided a great creaminess.

Although I wasn’t able to try the specials at The Mexican, I really enjoyed the food that I did try. The food was very tasty and the prices were very reasonable. Moreover, the server I had was very sweet and friendly. This is definitely worth a visit.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Cubana Torta
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