Bakery 101

I’ve got a soft spot for the current DC movies. Yeah, I get that most of their movies aren’t very good (Wonder Woman aside), but I still get a kick out of them. And I think that Man of Steel is a good movie and don’t understand those who complain about what happened to Zod in the end (seriously did anyone ever watch Superman II?!?). I still haven’t had a chance yet to see the new Aquaman movie yet; I’m probably going to go some time during the holidays. While waiting for the bus during a recent trip to Bakery 101 I found myself standing right next to a movie poster. On closer inspection, I couldn’t help but notice that there appears to be a lot of killer whales swimming alongside the sharks. Like seriously A LOT of killer whales:

Can you spot all the killer whales?

But enough about DC. This post is about Bakery 101. They are a small cafe that’s part of the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. All of their cakes & pastries are made by culinary arts students, and hence, are considerably cheaper than most other shops. Their offerings are always changing; during my most recent visit, I had a couple of their new cakes: Matcha Raspberry, Mango Coconut Caramel, “Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse” and “Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse” (I don’t know the actual names of the latter two as they weren’t labelled in the display case). I also picked up a Goat Cheese Prosciutto Croissant for my mom.

Matcha Raspberry ($4):

This consisted of layers of matcha cake sandwiching raspberry and chocolate mousse and finished with matcha mousse. The cake was soft and moist. I really enjoyed the matcha flavour, and the raspberry lent a nice tartness. Personally though I could have done without the chocolate (even though I do love chocolate) as it did overwhelm the matcha a bit.

Mango Coconut Caramel ($4):

Mango Coconut Caramel

This consisted of coconut cake with mango mousse/jelly and caramel mousse on top of a crunchy wafer-like base. I really enjoyed each of the components separately: the coconut and mango were both very fragrant while the wafer had a great crunch and flavour. Personally though, I’m not really sure if the mango and the caramel/chocolate paired too well together.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse ($4):

I didn’t get the actual name of this cake (they accidentally mislabelled it in the store), but it consisted of a peanut mousse that contained some chocolate, and was on top of a crunchy peanut base. I really enjoyed this treat. The mousse had a wonderful peanut flavour while the base was crispy, fragrant, and slightly salty. It was a tad on the sweeter side so it might not be for everyone (especially those who’re allergic to peanuts).

Hazelnut Chocolate Mousse ($4):

Again I didn’t get the actual name of this cake (it wasn’t labelled when I came into the store), but it consisted of hazelnut mousse with a chocolate centre that’s enclosed in chocolate. This was basically like a Ferroro Rocher in cake form. I did find that the hazelnut flavour was a bit too subtle at times.

Goat Cheese Prosciutto Croissant ($3):

Goat Cheese Prosciutto Croissant

My mom had this. She really enjoyed it, but wasn’t a fan of the goat
cheese (she found it too gamey).

I really enjoyed my visit to Bakery 101. Their food is fantastic and their prices are a steal. This is easily one of my favourite places in Vancouver for some quality and affordable treats.

Food: 4.5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4.5/5
Recommendations: Matcha Raspberry, Peanut Butter Mousse Cake
Bakery 101 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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