Angus Bakery & Cafe

I’ve never been particularly interested in danishes (unless they’re named Mads Mikkelsen of course). They just don’t seem to be a very interesting pastry. However, during my recent visit to Angus Bakery, I was surprised to see that the shop was apparently specialized in danishes, which they sell in probably over a dozen varieties. Seeing that there isn’t really much other options, I got a Cream Cheese, Almond, and Butterfly Custard danish. I also picked up a cheese croissant for my mom.

Cream Cheese Danish ($3.25):

Cream Cheese Danish

The outer layer was tender and had a more chewy, bread-like texture and was covered in a sweet glaze. The cream cheese lent a nice bit of tang; I do wish there could be a bit more of the filling however.


Almond Danish ($3.25):

Almond Danish

This was covered in a sweet glaze and contained ground almonds and was topped with almond paste. Again, the danish had a bread-like texture and was mildly sweet. I really enjoyed the almond paste, which provided a nice fragrance and flavour.

Butterfly Custard Danish ($3.25):

Butterfly Custard Danish

This contained custard and strawberry/raspberry jam. The pastry, which was similar to the two previous danishes, contained some sugar, which provided a nice bit of crunch. I quite enjoyed the custard and jam.

Cheese Croissant ($3.25):

Cheese Croissant


I quite enjoyed the danishes at Angus Bakery; while they haven’t exactly completely changed my view of the pastry, I do have greater appreciation for them. The prices are also fairly reasonable, and the staff I met was very friendly. This is a shop that’s worth a visit.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Almond Danish, Butterfly Custard Danish
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