Argo Cafe

When I visited Argo Cafe lately, I couldn’t help but think “Argo f*** yourself”. I’m quite sure that Argo Cafe is not named after Argo the Batfleck movie however (brief digression: I actually quite liked Ben Affleck’s batman), seeing that the diner existed long before the movie came out. The latter is a small but quite popular diner/cafe located in Olympic Village, right by 2nd Avenue. The atmosphere is very casual, and they don’t have printed menu: everything is written on the board. They have a breakfast menu that’s served till 11:00, a lunch menu consisting of burgers, sandwiches, and various Western/Asian/Mexican plates, and a specials menu that rotates daily. I had their Argo Plate and Chicken Chilli Con Queso.

Argo Plate ($17.95):

This was from one of their specials menu, which rotates daily. It consists of short rib, bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, and roast lamb, and is served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. I found the lamb to be a bit tough and chewy; the pork was quite tender and well seasoned however, and the shortribs were tender and flavourful. The mashed potatoes were also very tasty, and were smooth, creamy and flavourful.

Chicken Chilli Con Queso ($14.95):

This consists of a thick stew-like chicken with cheese, and is served with either fries or rice. The stew was thick and very flavourful, and had a nice bit of spice. The chicken was tender and juicy (I think they used dark meat, which in my opinion is always superior to white), although I did find it to be a bit underseasoned on its own.

I quite enjoyed the food at Argo Cafe. The price was a bit higher for a diner, but still reasonable. The service was quite casual; the food comes reasonably fast and the staff were fairly friendly but generally leaves you alone. All in all, this is definitely worth checking out.

P.S. The staff asked me if I wanted soup, and I turned it down because I thought that it was going to cost extra (and I was too shy/scared to ask if that was the case). But apparently, after checking their website, the soup is complimentary with their meals. So if the staff asks you, don’t be an idiot like me and turn it down.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Chicken Chilli Con Queso
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