A long time ago, when I was still in highschool, I went to Martinis for one of my friends’ birthdays. I had their Veal Parmesan on that occasion, and was completely taken aback when the dish ended up getting the better of me (I couldn’t finish it and I had an even bigger appetite then than I do now). Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one: all of my friends had trouble finishing their dishes, one of whom apparently got full on a calamari appetizer that we all shared and a side salad.

I decided to revisit this place recently. In spite of all the years that passed, the menu appears to have remained the same, consisting of a large selection of Italian/Greek/Mediterranean dishes and pizzas. They also have a menu of lunch specials. While I was tempted to reorder the Veal Parmesan to see whether I could conquer it this time, I was tempted by their lunch specials, and ended up ordering their Breaded Veal Cutlets. I also had their Chicken Tortellini Alfredo after hearing good reviews about the dish from other reviewers. The dishes were served with a side of daily soup and salad respectively; these dishes came out right away while the main dishes themselves took a bit longer (probably 20+ minutes) to arrive.

Lunch specials

Chicken Tortellini Alfredo ($17):

This consisted of spinach & cheese tortellini with chicken breast and red peppers, and is served with salad and garlic bread. The chicken was pretty tender for white meat and well seasoned, while the tortellini was well-cooked, being tender while still retaining some chew. I did find it to be a bit bland however, and the sauce, while creamy, was also a bit underseasoned for my taste. The salad was quite fresh and contained pieces of pineapple. I absolutely loved their garlic bread: they give you a thick slide that’s nicely toasted and crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

Lunch Breaded Veal Cutlets ($10.75):

This was served with your choice of fries or salad (I had fries), and a daily soup. The portion for this was very impressive for the price: they give you two generous slices of veal. The meat itself had a nice crispy coating, although I did find it to be a tad underseasoned and slightly chewy/grisly in some parts. The fries were hot, fresh and crispy. The soup I had was some kind of curry vegetable with rice.

Although I wasn’t able to get revenge on the Veal Parmesan, I’m glad to have gotten their Lunch Breaded Veal Cutlets: the dish was quite tasty, and I thought that it was a great deal for the price and portion. I did find the main dishes to take a bit long to arrive, and the server I had, while attentive, was not the friendliest. In spite of the shortcomings however, I did really enjoy, I did still really enjoy my visit to Martinis, and would highly recommend checking it out.

If the Church of Pizza is looking for recruits to spread their word, please call me up.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Lunch Breaded Veal Cutlets
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