Slikity Jim’s Chat & Choux

I’ve just had the most ridiculously awful experience with Vancouver public transit in recent memory. I was traveling to Slikity Jim’s a diner located in on 7th Avenue (they also have another location on Main Street). Since it as close to Broadway, I was taking the 99. The first bus that I was on broke down at the Arbutus stop (aka one stop away from Granville, where the restaurant is). I wasn’t too worried, seeing that the 99 came every couple of minutes; I simply unboarded and got onto the next bus. The bus travels maybe two blocks before it struck a car that was parked on the side of the road. Apparently, what happened is that the driver of the car happened to open their door right into the way of the oncoming bus. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but I was seriously just about to give up on going to Slikity Jim’s. I mean what are the chances that you have a bus break down and a second bus crash into a car within two blocks of each other? But then a third 99 comes along and…I got on. Miraculously,  this one actually did manage to make it the few blocks to the Granville stop without any incident. Still slightly traumatized and very hungry, I hurried to my destination and ordered the Chez Fe and When the Chicken Lies Down on Broadway Sandwich. The latter was supposed to come with a choice of either salad, soup or potato, but unfortunately (because this is really not my lucky day) I didn’t have the opportunity to chose because just as I was ordering, the phone rang and the waitress went to answer. She didn’t get back to me, and had apparently already put in my order; when I received it, I ended up getting salad as my side (I would have actually picked soup).

Chez Fe ($13.75):

This consisted of braised short ribs and roasted potatoes in a gravy-like sauce, topped with two eggs and chimicuhurri, and is served with toasted focacccia. The short ribs were quite tender, although I do find it to be a bit underseasoned and one-note in flavour. The potatoes had a nice crispiness to them, even when smothered in the sauce. I quite enjoyed the eggs, which were well-seasoned. Strangely, my favourite part of the dish was probably the bread, which was like garlic bread and was great for mopping up the sauce.

When the Chicken Lies Down on Broadway Sandwich ($13.50):

This was a sandwich containing chicken breast, brie, and fig balsamic on a grilled baguette. It was supposed to come with a choice of salad, soup or potato; unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I didn’t have the opportunity to chose and ended up with rabbit food (aka salad). Again, I loved the bread here, which was buttered and nicely toasted. The chicken was quite tender and flavourul and the fig balsamic provided a great tanginess. I do wish that there could be more brie present however; I wasn’t able to get much of it in the sandwich.

In spite of the horrible experience I had getting to Slikity Jim’s, as well as the unfortunate incident where I wasn’t able to pick my side for my sandwich, I did quite enjoy the food. The prices were also fairly reasonable. Service- wise, the waitress I had was fairly friendly but a bit inattentive. All in all, while I wasn’t blown away by the place, I did still enjoy my visit and would recommend checking it out.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Chez Fe, When the Chicken Lies Down on Broadway Sandwich
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