Panaderia Latina Bakery

I’m both immature and a pervert, and I can’t help but think that the “cream horn” that I got from Panaderia Latina Bakery looks a bit like something else…

Can’t wait to take a bite out of this…

The latter is a Latin-American bakery located not far from the Joyce Skytrain Station offering a good selection of desserts. I’ve already previously checked the place out after seeing them featured on You Gotta Eat Here, and have been thoroughly impressed by their food. I had the opportunity to revisit them recently. In addition to the somewhat phallic “cream horn” that I got (unfortunately for some reason they don’t have the labels and/or price tags on their desserts when I visited, so I really don’t know what the names for each of the desserts are or their exact prices), I also had a Torta, Tiramisu, Empanada (with Dulce de Leche), and a “Chocolate Caramel Cake”.

Torta (around $5.50):

This contained layers of puff pastry sandwiching strawberry jam, custard, and dulce de leche. This was a great blend of different textures and flavours: the custard was mild and creamy, the jam was sweet and fragrant, the dulce de leche gooey and sweet, and the neutrally flavoured pastry helped cut through all the sweetness. It was a bit on the sweet side overall (I think that maybe it would have been better if they used a slightly tarter jam like raspberry), but still delicious.

Tiramisu (around $5.50):

The cake was very moist and luscious, and had a great fragrance of coffee. It was bittersweet in flavour; I did find it to be a tad too bitter, but still tasty.

Empanada, Dulce de Leche ($3.25):

The outer shell was crumbly and tender, albeit a bit bland and dry. The dulce de leche was thick and gooey, and had a wonderful caramelized fragrance. There was just too little of it however.

“Cream Horn with Caramel” (around $3.50):

Not going to make another joke

This consisted of a pastry shell that’s filled with pastry cream, and covered on one end with dulce de leche. The pastry was relatively tender, and completely filled with cream, which was mildly sweet. The dulce de leche was thick, gooey, and had a wonderful caramelized flavour.

“Chocolate Caramel Cake” (around $5.50):

This consisted of a sponge cake sandwiching a layer of dulce de leche, and was coated in chocolate. The cake was quite tender and moist, while the caramel was sweet and gooey. The chocolate was of good quality and melted in my mouth, and also provided a nice bitterness to help counteract the sweetness.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my revisit to Panaderia Latina Bakery: all of their desserts were quite tasty, and their prices are fairly reasonable. This is definitely a place that’s worth checking out.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Tiramisu, Chocolate Caramel Cake, Torta
Panaderia Latina Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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