Vietnamese Restaurant

So while I was writing my review for Vietnamese Restaurant, I actually had a bit of a hard time locating it on the internet. Type in “Vietnamese Restaurant Vancouver” and you get a bunch of hits. I then tried typing in “Vietnamese Restaurant, Main Street” and again I ended up getting several hits. More confusingly, for some reason the restaurant that I went to is called “Cambie Vietnamese Restaurant” even though it’s certainly NOT on Cambie. No, the place is located on Main Street, near King Edward Ave. In addition to popular dishes that you’d find at most places (lemongrass chicken, pho etc), they do also have some more less common dishes like stuffed chicken, seafood, and hot pot pilaf. I’ve tried their Chicken Grand-Mere Farcie and one of their dinner combos.

Complimentary Tea

Chicken Grand-Mere Farcie ($11.99):

This was chicken that has been stuffed with mushroom, ground pork, and onions, and is served with rice and salad. The chicken was a tad overcharred and a bit on the underseasoned side, but still tender and tasty, with a great fragrance from the mushrooms. I did also quite enjoy the salad, which was nicely dressed and had a sweet/tangy flavour.

Combination D ($13.99):

This came with pork brochette, Vietnamese roll dip, Vietnamese steamed crepes, prawns imperial, and rice vermicelli. It is served with vinegar, some sweet/sour dip for the spring rolls, and also peanut sauce at your request (which I strongly recommend getting, unless if you’re allergic to peanuts of course). I loved the roll dip and prawns imperial, both of which are similar to spring rolls, and are very fresh, hot, crispy and full of fillings. The pork brochette was quite tender and had a nice charred flavour. The steamed crepes are similar to rice rolls, and contain ground pork inside; I did find it to be a tad bland on its own, but it was very good with the peanut sauce.

I really enjoyed my trip to “Cambie” Vietnamese Restaurant. The food was quite tasty; I particularly enjoyed their fried foods like Vietnamese roll dip (which is actually a spring roll) and Prawns Imperial (another type of spring roll). The staff are also friendly and greet customers as ‘brother’ or ‘sister’, and the prices are quite reasonable. This is definitely a place that’s worth checking out.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Vietnamese Roll Dip, Prawns Imperial

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