The Patty Shop

I’ve never had a patty or roti before; that changed recently after my visit to The Patty Shop. They are a small take-out place that serves several varieties of Jamaican patties, as well as rotis. You can buy patties either freshly made or frozen, which come by a dozen. I had their Pizza, Hot Beef and Curry Beef patty and a Chicken Roti.

Pizza Patty ($2.44):

Pizza Patty

This is served hot on Wednesdays; you can get their frozen version on regular days. The outer layer is very light and flaky. The interior is filled with tomato sauce and what appears to be pieces of ham/pepperoni. Although I was initially worried about the patty being a bit too thin and not having enough filling, the ratio was actually quite perfect for the crust.

Hot Beef Patty ($2.34):

Hot Beef Patty

This was similar to the pizza patty, but was filled with ground beef. The beef was very savoury and juicy. I personally didn’t find it to be very spicy: it just had enough heat to provide a slight kick.

Curry Beef Patty ($2.34):

Curry Beef Patty

This was similar to the aforementioned patties, except that it was filled with curried yellow beef. The curry was very fragrant and savoury, with just a slight bit of heat. This was easily my favourite of the varieties that I’ve tried.

Chicken Roti ($9.50):

This consisted of curried chicken and potato wrapped in a roti. The roti is soft and tender, with a slightly chewy texture. The curry was similar to that of the filling in the beef patty. I was quite impressed by their chicken: they actually have some very large chunks of meat inside, which was also very tender, well-seasoned and flavourful.

I’m glad to have finally tried some Jamaican fare; the patties and rotis from The Patty Shop were quite tasty. My one wish is that they could place a few chairs or a bench outside their shop; currently there is nowhere to sit so you’d have to take your food to go (I ended up eating everything standing up). All in all, I really enjoyed the food here; this is a place that’s definitely worth visiting. Be warned; they are cash only, so make sure that you have some money on you.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Curry Beef Patty, Chicken Roti
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