Breka Bakery & Cafe – 4th Avenue

Probably my favourite chain bakery/cafe in Vancouver is Breka Bakery. They have a very good selection of tasty cakes, cookies, donuts, and other pastries, as well as breads, sandwiches and savoury items. They have several locations in Vancouver, with the closest one to my house being the one on Fraser. More recently, I’ve visited their Kits location, which is on 4th Avenue near Alma. Having only tried their cakes before, I decided to sample a few of their savoury items, including a Chicken Pot Pie and a Green Onion Cheddar Scone. Of course, I couldn’t resist their cakes: I got a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, a Pistachio Ganache, and a German Chocolate Cake.

Chicken Pot Pie ($6.75):

This contained chicken, potatoes, carrots, peas and corn topped with puff pastry. They heat the pie up for you, and I received mine piping hot. I found the pastry to be a bit soggy, but still tasty. The chicken stew was delicious however: thick, creamy with a great savoury flavour. I did find there to be a bit too little chicken however.

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake ($4.75):

The cheesecake was thick and creamy, and had a great flavour from the white chocolate as well as a fragrance from the raspberry. The crust on the bottom was actually on the crispier side, and had a nice toasted flavour. I would have liked the raspberry to be a bit more tart to help balance the sweetness from the chocolate. While I did not have any issues with the cake itself, I did find the whipped cream topping to have a slight freezer-burned flavour. This is still a very tasty cheesecake however.

Green Onion Cheddar Scone ($3.25):

Green Onion Cheddar Scone

The scone had a nice savoury flavour and a great fragrance from the onions. It was a bit crumbly for my liking, and not as moist as the scone that I had from Beyond Bread, but still quite soft and tender.

Pistachio Ganache ($4.75):

This consisted of chocolate cake and chocolate pistachio mousse, and is topped with ganache. The layers of cake were very tender and moist while the mousse was luscious, with the pistachio having a nice and not overly artificial fragrance. The ganache was quite sweet, and not waxy. Unfortunately, the cake did have a slightly off, freezer-burned flavour that was a bit distracting.

German Chocolate Cake ($4.75):

This consisted of chocolate cake layered with pecans and coconut, and covered in ganache. The cake was a bit more dense here, but still quite soft. The coconut and pecans provided a great fragrance as well as texture, while the ganache was once again sweet without being waxy. This is definitely one of their better cakes.

I’m quite impressed by the food at Breka Bakery: both their savoury and their sweet options proved to be tasty. Their prices are also fairly reasonable. I’d definitely recommend checking this place out.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Chicken Pot Pie, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, German Chocolate Cake
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