Beyond Bread Artisan Bakery

Not too long ago, I got dragged onto a retreat with the rest of my  lab members to Chilliwack. It was a couple of hours long drive, which is extended by the fact that they made a stop at some vineyard along the way to do some wine tasting (I didn’t partake since I hate the taste of alcohol). Fortunately, there were plenty of snacks to help pull us through, including a bag of baked goods from Beyond Bread. Of course, I couldn’t take too much food as it was meant to be shared between everyone, but I was able to try a scone and really enjoyed it, so much so that I decided to visit this bakery this week. In addition to their Cheddar & Green Onion Scone, I also got a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Pain au Chocolat, and Monkey Bread. I also picked up an Almond Croissant for my mom.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich ($6):

According to their site, this contained aged cheddar, emmental, sharp provolone on Country bread. The sandwich was a good size and had a pretty generous amount of filling, and was quite rich. I did find the cheese to be a bit too sharp and pungent for my liking – I personally would liked a bit milder cheese. The bread was nicely toasted and tender near the centre, although I did find it to be a bit too hard near the edges and hurt my mouth a bit.

Pain au Chocolat ($3.50):

The pastry was buttery, and had a nice bit of saltiness. I found the outer layer to be a bit on the chewy side, and not flaky enough for my liking. The chocolate was good quality and was not waxy. Not the best croissant I’ve had, but still tasty.

Cheddar & Green Onion Scone ($3):

The scone was rich and had a great savoury flavour and fragrance from the onions. The interior is incredibly moist and tender. It is a bit on the salty side; while I personally really enjoy the salt, it may get a bit overwhelming for some others after several bites.

Monkey Bread ($3.75):

This consisted of pieces of croissants baked together with cinnamon sugar and orange peel. The dough was pretty soft and buttery, and was mildly sweet with a nice fragrance from the cinnamon. While I liked the flavour of the orange, I find the pieces of zest they used to be too large and slightly bitter.

Almond Croissant ($4.25):

Almond Croissant

I didn’t have this; my mom did. She really enjoyed it though and said that it was made with quality ingredients.

I’m really glad to have the scone again from Beyond Bread; it isn’t a treat that I normally order and after having tried it, it is something that I’m likely going to get more often. The rest of the food I tried was decent, though nothing particularly memorable. The prices are fairly reasonable. All in all, while I wasn’t exactly blown away by Beyond Bread, I did enjoy their food enough, and I do think that the place is worth a visit if you are in the area.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Cheddar & Green Onion Scone, Almond Croissant
Beyond Bread Artisan Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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