Deacon’s Corner – Gastown

I love French toast, I love fried chicken, I love pulled pork. Thus, when I heard about the Big Mounties, which consists of three pieces of French toast layered with fried chicken and pulled pork, along with swiss cheese and two eggs for good measure, I just HAD to try it. The dish can be found at Deacon’s Corner, a casual diner specializing in American comfort food. They have two locations, one in Kits and one in Gastown. I’ve visited their Kits location several months ago and decided to check out their Gastown location. In addition to the Big Mounties, I also had their Souther Belly Biscuit.

Big Mounties ($15.50):

This consisted of three slices of French toast sandwiching a layer of pulled pork and a piece of fried chicken, and was topped with two eggs. I LOVED the French toast: they were soft and fluffy with a wonderful sweet fragrance of cinnamon. The fried chicken was not the greatest: even though it was reasonably juicy for white meat and well-seasoned, the breading was quite soggy. I did really enjoy their pulled pork however, which was very tender and juicy, and had a nice sweetness, which I like in my pulled pork. Personally, I’d go with their Pulled Pork Monte Cristo, which is a similar dish but missing the top layer of fried chicken.

Southern Belly Biscuit ($13.50):

This consisted of bacon, an egg, cheddar cheese, biscuits, and two sausage patties, all topped with gravy and slices of jalapeno peppers, and came with a side of hashbrowns. I found the biscuits themselves to be a bit too soft and soggy, without any discernable flavour; I actually preferred the ones from Jethros a bit more. The gravy was not overly thick/gummy, but was also a bit bland for my taste. The meat was tasty however: the bacon was quite crispy and the sausage patties were tender, juicy, and had a nice spicy flavour. The jalapenos also helped lend more flavour to the dish. I also really enjoyed their hashbrowns, which were shredded and very crispy on the outside and was also quite well-seasoned.

I quite enjoyed the dishes that I had at Deacon’s Corner. While neither are perfect, I absolutely loved their French toast and I quite enjoyed their pulled pork. The food is also very filling and the prices are reasonable. The staff is not the most attentive, but are quite friendly. All in all, this is a place that I’d highly recommend checking out for some tasty, hearty comfort food.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Pulled Pork Monte Cristo, French toast

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