Maple Leaf Bakery

I hate hearing about small local businesses having to close their doors. Not too long ago, I read an article stating that Maple Leaf Bakery, which is located in Davie Village, will soon be shutting its doors due to the owners being unable to afford current rent rates. Strangely though, I noticed that the article was written the previous year, and as of right now Maple Leaf Bakery is still operating. I don’t know if the owners have somehow managed to reach a new deal with their landlords or if the closure is just being delayed. Not wanting to risk never having tried this shop before it shuts down, I decided to check it out recently. They have quite a big selection of cookies, cakes, donuts, and other treats. I ended up getting an assortment of cakes (Double Chocolate, Carrot, Mocha Cream, Lamington, Belgian Chocolate and Chocolate) as well as a Cinnamon Bun.

Double Chocolate Cake ($3.50):

This cosnsited of layers of chocolate cake sandwiching chocolate icing. The cake itself was quite tender and moist, and seemed to have a slight fermented/alcohol flavour. The icing was the standard variety made from icing sugar, and was a bit on the sweeter side, but was still enjoyable.

Carrot Cake ($2.40):

The cake was quite moist, with a good amount of carrots, raisins, and nuts. The icing was standard, with a bit of tang. This was a very simple and basic cake, but done quite well.

Cinnamon Bun ($3.45):

The bun, although cold, was still quite tender and fluffy. It was very flavourful, having a generous amount of cinnamon sugar and raisins. I was not the biggest fan of the icing, which was just a simple sugar variety, and not cream cheese.

Lamington ($2.40):

This is a coconut cake coated in chocolate and more coconuts. The cake was dense but moist. The chocolate had great flavour and was not waxy, while the coconut provided a great fragrance.

Belgian Chocolate Cake ($2.40):

This contained chocolate cake coated in a shell of chocolate. The cake was tender and moist and the chocolate was not waxy.

Mocha Cream Cake ($3.25):

The cake was quite tender and moist. The icing didn’t seem to have much flavour other than sweetness. I also found the cake to have a slightly weird, fermented/alcoholic smell that was a tad off-putting though not terrible offensive.

Chocolate Cake ($3.25):

The cake was a bit hard and dense, but still quite moist. AS with the mocha cream cake, I found the icing to be a bit one-note in flavour, and the cake to have an odd fermented/alcoholic smell to it. I did enjoy it a bit more than the mocha cake however.

I’m glad to have checked out Maple Leaf Bakery. The food, though not outstanding, were still enjoyable and the prices are very reasonable. Considering that the future of this shop appears to be currently uncertain, I’d recommend visiting them in case they shut down.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Lamington, Belgian Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake
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