La Foret Bakery & Coffee

Continuing on through all the reviews that I’ve got piled up, I’ve recently paid a visit to La Foret, a an Asian-Western fusion style bakery/cafe that’s located a few blocks away from the Metrotown Skytrain station. In addition to pastries and sandwiches, they have a large display of very pretty cakes. During my visit, I purchased an assortment of their cakes (Hazelnut Cream, Earl Grey Mousse, Mocha Roll, Oreo Cheesecake, Double Chocolate, and Matcha Cream), Pizza Bread, and an Almond Croissant for my mom.

Hazelnut Cream Cake ($7):

This consisted of coffee flavoured cake sandwiching cream, and was coated some sort of hazelnut-flavoured icing. The cake itself was quite soft and moist; I did find the cream to be a bit greasy in texture. I was not a fan of the coating outside; although it did have a nice fragrance of hazelnut, it was also quite bland and had a weird gummy texture that I did not really care fo.

Earl Grey Mousse Cake ($7.50):

This was a dome of Earl Grey flavoured mousse sitting on a thin layer of plain sponge cake, and is decorated by a ring of whipped cream. The mousse was smooth and light, and was mildly sweet with a great flavour of Earl Grey. The cream was also fresh and light, with a nice sweetness.

Mocha Roll ($7):

This consisted of a coffee sponge cake that’s filled with coffee-flavoured cream. The cake was incredibly tender and moist and had a great fragrance. The mousse was light, had a great coffee flavour, as well as a nice bit of bitterness.

Double Chocolate Cake ($7):

This consisted of layers of chocolate cake sandwiching chocolate mousse, and was coverd in a layer of shiny chocolate frosting. The cake was very tender and moist, while the mousse was lucious and the surrounding coating of chocolate had a nice sweetness as well as cocoa flavour.

Oreo Cheesecake ($7):

This consisted of a cookies and cream flavoured cheesecake sitting on top of a thin layer of cake, and was decorated by miniature Oreo cookies. Although the cheesecake filling was quite soft, more like a mousse than a cheesecake, it was still creamy and quite tasty. The Oreo cookies had unfortunately gone soft, although they still did have a nice cookies and cream flavour.

Matcha Cream Cake ($7):

This consisted of layers of matcha flavoured cake sandwiching cream, and was coated in a layer of matcha-flavoured frosting. The cake itself was quite moist and tender, and had a mild green tea flavour. I don’t know what the style of frosting they use is called; although it does look pretty and glossy, it had quite a gummy texture that I personally did not care for. It did have a nice matcha fragrance however.

Pizza Bread ($3.50):

This was filled with onions and corn, and seemed to also contain some mayo and/or cheese as well as ketchup on top. Funny fact: I didn’t realise that the bread was enclosed in a cupcake liner and actually took a big bite out of the wrapper and was wondering why it tasted so grainy in some parts. Once I got the wrapper off, I found the bread was savory, fluffy and quite buttery. I quite enjoyed the fragrance from the onion. This was certainly tasty, though I don’t think it’s much better than the typical savoury bread you can get from Chinese/Asian style bakeries for a lesser price.

Almond Croissant ($4.25):

Almond Croissant

My mom had this. She quite enjoyed it.

I’m glad to have checked out La Foret. The cakes weren’t spectacular, but still quite good in general. I did find their prices to be a tad on the higher side, though not outrageous (I don’t think that anything’s outrageous after 3 Quarters Full). While I’m not crazy about this place, I think it’s worth visiting if you’re near Metrotown.

Food: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Most of the cakes, Almond Croissant
La Forêt Bakery & Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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