I’ve yet to find the perfect rendition of Chicken and Waffles. I think that so far Tuc Craft came the closes, even though I did find their waffles to be a bit too flat and not as fluffy and chewy as I would have liked. With the majority of other joints, they typically fall under the category of good waffle, but bad (Yolks) to sub par (Chewies, Devil’s Elbow) chicken. And now I can add Scandilicious to that category. The latter is a cafe/bakery located near the end of Victoria Drive, just a few blocks from Hasting Street. They are probably best known for their waffles, although they do also serve burgers, sandwiches and other breakfast/lunch items, as well as a small selection of baked goods. You order at the front counter, and the staff brings you your food once it’s ready. During my visit, I had their Chicken and Waffles and Monkeys Munchies waffle.

Chicken and Waffles ($16):

This consisted of fried chicken that was served with a cornbread-style waffle, maple bacon, sour cream, and maple syrup. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the fried chicken: although it was tender, there wasn’t all that much meat present and it was not as crispy as I would have liked. I also found it to be a tad bland, although it was still enjoyable. I quite enjoyed the waffle, which was a bit crispier and chewier, and had a slightly savoury, spicy flavour to it.

Monkeys Munchies ($9):

This consisted of a Brussels waffle topped with peanut butter, cookie dough, bananas, whipped cream, peanut butter caramel sauce, and crushed peanuts. I absolutely loved this waffle: it had a perfect balance between salty from the peanut butter and sweet from the cookie dough, whipped cream, and bananas. The waffle had a great fluffiness and chew.

While the Chicken and Waffles at Scandilicious did not surpass Tuc Craft, I thoroughly enjoyed their Monkeys Munchies waffle. This is defnitely a good breakfast/lunch joint that’s worth paying a visit to.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Monkey’s Munchies
Scandilicious Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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