After a pretty distressing and gruelling few days out in Chilliwack, I was very happy to be back in the privacy of my own home in Vancouver. The first thing that I did, after making up for all the sleep that I’ve lost during the lab retreat, was to practice my newly regained freedom of being able to dine alone and pay a visit to Bestie. The latter is a small casual shop located in Chinatown specializing in German food, specifically sausages (with various sides such as fries, salads and pretzels). The place was quite popular and crowded when I visited during lunch time: I ended up getting seated at the end of the bar, which was a bit cramped since the countertop space was smaller there (the place did clear up a bit over the next half hour). I had their Currywurst, which I added cheese sauce to for an additional $2 along with their All Natural Game Sausage (which changes daily – the one I got was Rosemary Lamb) for another additional $1. I also had a Sausage Roll.

Sausages available today

Currywurst (Cheesy, All Natural Game Sausage, $9.50 + $2 + $1):

This consisted of fries topped with ketchup and curry powder, as well as your choice of a sausage. I decided to add cheese sauce to the fries for an extra $2, and got their game sausage, which happened to be Rosemary Lamb, for another extra $1. The sausage was quite tasty: tender and juicy, although I did find it to be just a tad on the bland side. I absolutely loved their fries, which were very fresh, hot and crispy on the outside, while tender and starchy on the inside. The curried ketchup also provided a great flavour. I did find the cheese sauce to be a bit bland however, and not worth the extra $2.

Sausage Roll ($6):

This consisted of a pork sausage wrapped in a flaky pastry. The sausage was nothing short of fantastic: tender and juicy with a fantastic spice. I did find the pastry to be just a tad doughy, although still tasty. The portion was also a little small: I think that it’s probably a better deal to just get their sausage on its own instead.

I’ve quite enjoyed my visit to Bestie; their food was quite tasty, in particular their pork sausages. The server I had was very friendly and quite attentive, although she does sometimes get confused and forget the order. All in all, this is definitely a place worth checking out.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Pork Thuringer
Bestie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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