I always get excited every time I visit Trafiq, which is still my favourite bakery in all of Vancouver. The place has the most stunning cakes that I have ever seen that actually taste every bit as great as they appear. Honestly, if the world is coming to an end, I’d spend the final days at Trafiq eating all of their treats. During my latest trip, I had their Schnecken, Decadent Brownie with Pecans, Carrot, Exotique, and Chocolate Decadence Cakes, and a Butter Croissant for my mom.

The gates of heaven

Schnecken ($3.75):

This was their version of a sticky/cinnamon bun, and consisted of a roll that is covered in toffee sauce and bits of walnuts. The bread itself was quite soft, tender and fluffy. I loved the toffee sauce, which was gooey, had a great caramelized flavour, as well as a wonderful fragrance from the nuts.

Carrot Cake ($6.95):

This consisted of four layers of carrot cake sandwiching cream cheese frosting. The cake was moist, had a nice flavour of cinnamon and other spies, and was chock full of nuts. The cream cheese frosting was smooth and not too heavy, and had the great tangy flavour that I love. Unfortunately the slice that I got was a bit older (it was the last one remaining from the entire cake), and I did find the almond and cereal decorations to be stale-tasting.

Decadent Brownie with Pecans ($3.75):

This was topped with a layer of chopped nuts. The brownie itself was very dense and fudgy, just the way that I like, with a great chocolaty flavour. The nuts lent a wonderful crunch, fragrance, as well as just a tad of salt. This is a very basic treat that’s done very well.

Exotique Cake ($6.95):

“Silky coconut mousse, refreshing tropical fruit, “semi-freddo”
This is one of their new summer flavours (which may or may not remain on the menu for long). The cake was, as expected, incredibly tender and moist, and the mousse was luscious with a wonderful fragrance from the coconut. The layer of fruit in the middle (which appears to contain mango and pieces of pineapple) had a great tartness. The one complaint I have is that the filling was rather wet, and did make the cake just a bit soggy. This is a very tropical and refreshing dessert, and perfect for those looking for something a bit lighter.

Chocolate Decadence Cake ($6.95):

This consisted of layers of chocolate cake and mousse, enclosed in a thin layer of chocolate ganache and is topped with a chocolate truffle. This is one of my favourite cakes in all of Vancouver, and I just have to get it every time I visit Trafiq. The cake is moist, dense and rich while the mousse is smooth and luscious, with a perfect bitter sweet flavour. The truffle has the texture of a really dense and fudgy brownie. The slice is pretty generous – some people may be able to share but I can polish off one easily. Seriously, I can probably polish off 2-3 slices if I don’t control myself.

Butter Croissant ($3.25):

Butter Croissant

My mom had this. She absolutely LOVED it and thought that it was one of the best plain croissants that she’s ever had.

I loved everything from Trafiq. They are still easily the greatest bakery in all of Vancouver. Their prices have increased since last year: their cake slices are now going for close to $7 (from $6). However, given the incredible quality (and pretty good portion), I think that the prices are more than worth it. All in all, if you like sweets at all, seriously go and treat yo self at Trafiq.

Food: 4.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4.5/5
Recommendations: Schnecken, Brownies, Any of their Cakes
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