Tandoori Fusion

I try to keep an open mind and not judge people by their tastes, whether it is in people, fashion, movies or food. You like what you like. Hey, I enjoyed most of the recent DC movies, even though everyone else seems to hate them, and I didn’t like Star Wars, even though most people love them. It’s the same with food. I don’t care for most seafood, but I do LOVE Chinese fastfood. There’s nothing wrong with that: all tastes are subjective.

But I will have to admit, I do get very annoyed with my conservative, close-minded parents who literally hate everything, including other country’s/culture’s cuisines. This goes especially for my dad – I swear the only thing he eats are congee, mung bean soup, and stewed daikons. But one of the cuisines that they hate the most are Indian/Middle Eastern food. They can’t stand the smell of spice, saying that it “stinks”. Thus, I have to eat out to get my fix for aromatic, flavourful curries. Recently, I decided to try out Tandoori Fusion, a small Indian restaurant located on Broadway what I’d often pass when taking the 99 from UBC. During my visit, I got their Butter Chicken, Lamb Korma. Now, I had heard that their curries are served with a side of rice or naan, but apparently that’s only for takeout orders: you have to actually pay extra for the sides if you are eating in. I decided to go with a side of Plain Naan and some Veggie Samosas.

Butter Chicken ($16):

The curry was creamy with a nice sweetness and tang without being overly tomatoey (which I enjoy). There was a pretty fair amount of chicken present, which in spite of being white meat, is still quite tender and flavourful.

Lamb Korma ($18):

The curry was savoury and flavourful, with a warm heat, and is filled with bits of ground nuts. There was a good amount of large chunks of lamb present, which were tender without any hint of gaminess, and well seasoned.

Plain Naan ($2.50):

Plain naan

Since I ate in, I had to pay for the naan (they provide complimentary rice/naan with their curries if you get takeout). The naan was fresh, soft and fluffy, and was fantastic when dipped into the curry sauce.

Veggie Samosa ($6):

One order comes with two modest-sizd samosas. The samosas weren’t exactly crispy, but had more of a soft, flaky outer crust, and are filled with a generous amount of savoury and flavourful potatoes and peas.

I really enjoyed the food at Tandoori Fusion: I found their meat curries to be all extremely flavourful and served in pretty good portions. I did find their prices to be a bit steep however, especially since they don’t include any sides for their curries. All in all, this place is definitely worth checking out; I’d just recommend getting takeout instead of eating in as it is a better deal.

Food: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Curries, Naan
Tandoori Fusion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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