Renzo’s Cafe

I’ve never had good luck when visiting bakeries/cafes. Quite often when I visit a place, the item(s) that I want aren’t available. This happened again during my recent visit to Renzo’s cafe. The latter is a small coffee shop located on The Drive. I’ve passed by the place a couple of times, and each time I saw some gorgeous-looking cakes in their display window. I finally decided to try the place out and, guess what, the only thing they had available was a Black & Blue Cheesecake and a plain (and, more annoyingly) gluten f***ing free Vanilla Cake. Seriously, I must have somehow offended the dessert gods. Having little choice, I ended up getting both cakes (you do not know how much it burns me to be supporting this fad that needed to have long died). I also got a slice of their Coconut Cream Pie.

Black & Blue Cheesecake ($6.50):

This was a cheesecake with black and blueberries. I honestly did not really care for this cake. The filling was a bit dry and crumbly, but still creamy. I did find it to be a quite bland, and lacking in sweetness and/or tang. The crust was also mushy, and had a slightly burnt flavour.

Coconut Cream Pie ($5.50):

The cream as light and fluffy, while the layer of coconut custard was smooth, mildly sweet, and had a wonderful fragrance. The crust was relatively flaky, albeit a tad bland, and I quite enjoyed the coating of dark chocolate.

GF Vanilla Cake ($6.50):

I have to be fair when it comes to judging cakes, and in spite of my MASSIVE aversion to the GF trend, I’ve got to admit that I wouldn’t have noticed anything amiss if I didn’t know it was GF. It was a bit hard and dry near the edges, but was reasonably moist in the middle region. The icing was just plain and sweet, with a slight bit of saltiness that I liked. This was nothing offense or memorable.

I was a bit disappointed by my visit to Renzo’s cafe: I did not receive the cakes that I had been hoping for and had to sell my soul to the GF fad. The staff was very friendly however. All in all, while I wasn’t overly impressed, I do think that this probably is still a nice place for a local hangout.

Food: 3/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3/5
Recommendations: N/A
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