Devil’s Elbow

I’ve yet to find the perfect rendition of Chicken and Waffles. In some places the waffles are very tasty, but the chicken is somewhat lackluster (Chewies) or just plain bad (Yolks), while Tuc Craft offers a very good fried chicken, but less impressive waffles. Recently, I’ve tried the version at Devil’s Elbow. They are a bar/bbq house located right next to Jam Cafe, which of course had a long up as usual. In contrast, Devil’s Elbow as almost completely empty when I arrived, and I was quickly seated and chowing down on delicious plates of food while a group of suckers continued on waiting to be seated next door (don’t get me wrong, the food at Jam is pretty good, just not worth waiting 30+ minutes in line for good in my opinion). In addition to the aformentioned Chicken n Waffles, I also got their Mac n Cheese, to which I added pulled pork for an additional $5.

Chicken n Waffles ($16):

Chicken n Waffles

This consisted of a waffle and two generous pieces of fried chicken, and was accompanied by a side of syrup and butter. The chicken had a nice crispy coating that had some nice spice to it, and although it was white meat, was still quite tender and relatively juicy. Unfortunately, I found the meat itself to be completely underseasoned and very bland. I liked the waffle however, which was fluffy with some nice chew. The butter had a nice sweetness to it, and the syrup had a great smoky flavour that I really appreciated. The portion was also fairly good and quite filling.

Mac n Cheese + Pulled Pork ($10 + $5):

Mac n Cheese + Pulled Pork

The noodles here were well cooked and were tender while still retaining some chew. I did find it to be a tad dry however. More importantly though, the dish again was quite underseasoned and very bland on its own. Fortunately that was offset by the addition of the pulled pork, which was tender, juicy and had a great smoky flavour as well as a bit of sweetness that I really enjoyed. There was also quite a generous amount as well. While the mac n cheese wouldn’t have been very good on its own, it was quite tasty when paired together with the meat. The portion was also quite generous too, and since I was quite full from the chicken n waffles, I ended up taking most of it home.

Unfortunately, the rendition of Chicken n Waffles at Devil’s Elbow has fallen into the same pitfall as places like Yolk’s and Chewies of having a good waffle but not so great chicken (although it is definitely miles better than the chicken from Yolk’s). Nevertheless, I still quite enjoyed the food that they have offered, and the prices are fairly good for the portions they provide. The service is casual, but quite friendly. All in all, I’d actually rather visit this place than spend over 30 minutes in line to get into Jam’s Cafe next door.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Pulled Pork, Chicken n Waffles
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