Phoscao Cafe

I’ve had too much cake. This is a sentence that I never thought I’d ever say, but I found myself saying it now, after a visit to Phoscao Cafe. The latter is a small, casual shop located on Granville, not far from Broadway. They have a pretty good selection of casual breakfast/lunch fair, including four varieties of cakes (Lemon and Cream, Carrot, German Chocolate and Red Velvet) that are priced at just $3.50 each. Of course, I could not resist. I ended up getting a slice of each. As well as a Chocolate Tart, because why not?

Lemon and Cream Cake ($3.50):

This consisted of layers of cake sandwiching lemon curd and cream. Unfortunately, the cake did get a bit battered during the trip from the cafe back home. Fortunately, the taste was not effected. The cake was very tender and moist, and very tangy from the lemon. While I did find the lemon flavour to be a tad overwhelming, bordering on artificial, it was still quite enjoyable.

Chocolate Tart ($3.50):

The crust was relatively tender, albeit a bit too blond and bland. The chocolate ganache was very good however: smooth without any waxiness, and a nice bittersweet flavour. I do find there to be a bit too much crust compared to filling.

Carrot Cake ($3.50):

The cake was a tad on the drier side, but still tasty, and had a nice spicy flavour. It was filled with a good amount of raisins. The cream cheese was smooth and sweet: I personally would have preferred it to be a tad less sweet and a bit more tangy. This certainly isn’t the best carrot cake that I’ve had, but it is still tasty.

German Chocolate Cake ($3.50):

This consisted of two layers of chocolate cake sandwiching some custard filling, and was topped with shredded coconuts and caramel. The cake was incredibly tender and moist, with a nice bittersweet flavour and a great fragrance of coconut and liquor.

Red Velvet Cake ($3.50):

This consisted of two layers of cake sandwiching a layer of custard filling and bits of chocolate cake, and was topped with another layer of cream cheese. Once again, the cake was incredibly moist while the custard was smooth and luscious, and melted in my mouth. This is easily my favourite of all the treats that I’ve sampled.

Needless to say, I was seriously stuffed after my trip to Phoscao Cafe. I probably needed a massive shot of insulin. But I don’t regret buying all the food that I did however, since everything was very tasty and their prices were a steal. All in all, I really like the cafe, and I’d highly recommend checking it out.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: German Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake
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