Grounds for Coffee (and JJ Bean)

When I was in highschool, which isn’t really that long ago (I’m still in denial about my age), the cafeteria always made cinnamon buns on Thursdays. But not just any cinnamon buns, “UBC cinnamon buns”, which many of the teachers claim to be the best cinnamon buns in Vancouver. Oddly enough, when I started attending UBC (which again, as not long ago), I never really found any places on campus that made great cinnamon buns. However, there is apparently a shop located not too far away called Grounds for Coffee that many people claim to have the best cinnamon buns in Vancouver. I finally got around to checking them out this week. You have the option of having the bun with or without frosting, but seriously, unless you have a deadly allergy or something, GET IT WITH THE FROSTING!!!

Cinnamon Bun with Frosting (around $3.65):

The cinnamon bun was fresh and still warm from the oven. It was soft and fluffy, and very sticky and gooey. I ate this on the bus, and ended up getting quite a bit of sweet cinnamon-sugar goo all over my hands and clothes. The cream cheese was creamy and had a nice tang; I personally could have done with a bit more of it (I’m one of those people who can eat a tub of cream cheese frosting with a spoon).

Grounds for Coffee are supposed to have the greatest cinnamon buns in Vancouver, and after having tried them, I have to say that I can’t disagree – those buns are seriously fantastic. However, being the keen researcher that I am, I decided that I needed to get another cinnamon bun from a “lesser” shop as a control. So, for PURELY scientific reasons (and NOT because I’m a greedy pig), I also got a cinnamon bun from the new JJ Beans that had opened on UBC campus (which I actually ended up eating out of my desk drawer back at work).

Cinnamon Bun with Frosting ($3.40):

Unlike Grounds for Coffee, the bun had been sitting on the counter for some time and was not warm. It was considerably tougher than the latter, and the cinnamon sugar seems to have hardened to form shards of sugar. I personally did not like the bun too much: it was a bit too hard and also bland. However, I did actually prefer the cream cheese frosting a bit more: I found it to be a bit thicker, and there was also more of it present.

So, after doing some more research, I was left with a massive sugar high the conclusion that the cinnamon buns at Grounds for Coffee are indeed superior. Be sure to check the place out if you enjoy cinnmaon buns!

Summary (for Grounds for Coffee):
Food: 4.5/5 (just for cinnamon bun)
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendation: Cinnamon Bun (WITH FROSTING!!!)
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