Nice Cafe

Just a quick note: unfortunately, I will be scaling back on my postings. I’ve gotten quite fat busy, and all the eating out has been taking a toll on my productivity at work (not to mention my wallet, seeing that I am living on a graduate student’s salary). Of course, I’m not going to stop my posts altogether – I will definitely continue on getting my obligatory pastries during the weekends, but I will be eating out less during the weekdays.

And with that, here’s one of my final weekday reviews for Nice Cafe. The latter is a small, casual restaurant located near Broadway and Main specializing in breakfast/brunch and lunch items. During my visit there, I had their Meat Lover’s Omelette and Monte Cristo.

Meat Lover’s Omelette ($9.95):

The omelette contained bacon, sausage, ham, and cheese, and came with a choice of either toast or hashbrowns; I picked the hashbrowns. The omelette is a pretty good portion with a fairly good amount of filling: my favourite was the breakfast sausage, which had a nice bit of spice. I did find it to be bland however, as the eggs don’t appear to be seasoned. There was a fairly generous amount of hashbrowns. Unfortunately, I found the hashbrowns to be a bit disappointing: it was not crispy and also quite bland.

Monte Cristo with Chicken, Ham, Cheese on French Toast Style Bread ($9.25):

This came with your choice of side; I got their potato salad. I must admit, I was quite disappointed when the dish arrived as the portion was quite small. However, since it was only $9.25, I guess it wouldn’t have been fair to expect a large amount of food. The sandwich itself was quite tasty: the bread was soft, fluffy and well-toasted and although there wasn’t an overly large amount of filling present, it was still very tasty. I quite enjoyed the potato salad, which was flavourful and creamy: I just wish that they could have given a larger serving.

I had a decent time at Nice Cafe. While I did find the food to be a bit underwhelming, it was still decent and the prices are very reasonable. Service-wise, the kitchen seems to be a bit slow: I had to wait probably over 20 minutes for my food. However, the lady working at the front was very friendly and attentive. All in all, while this place did not blow me away, I still quite enjoyed my experience there, and I do think it’s worth a visit.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: N/A

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