Patisserie Lebeau

Since the start of this blog, I’ve eaten waffles several times now, usually with a side of fried chicken. I have yet, however, to try any belgian-style waffles. The only thing I know is that there are apparently two popular varieties: brussels and liege. And apparently both are named after actual cities in belgian. I don’t know what the difference between the two are however, apart from the fact that one’s usually larger and rectangular and the other’s smaller with a rounder shape. Thus, I decided to do some “research” and headed over to Patisserie Lebeau this week to “educate” myself on Belgian-style waffles. The latter is a bakery/cafe located not too far from Granville Island. Their speciality are in waffles, which they offer in a variety of different flavour, but they do also produce a good assortment of pastries, breads and cakes. I picked up two Brussels waffles (Ham & Cheese and Apple Custard Filled), as well as a Liege Waffle (Milk Chocolate with Pecans). Of course, I was unable to resist buying a slice of their Chocolate Trio cake. I also picked up an Almond Croissant for my mom.

Ham & Cheese Brussels ($4.25):

The waffle was soft and fluffy, albeit a bit dry. There was a fairly good amount of ham inside. I could have done with a bit more cheese however.

Apple & Custard Filled Waffle ($4):

Again, the waffle was soft and fluffy, and the filling ensured that it was moist. The apples were tender and had a nice scent of cinnamon. I really enjoyed the custard, which was mildly sweet and creamy.

Liege Waffle, Milk Chocolate with Pecans ($3.50):

The waffle is considerably denser and chewier than the brussels waffles, and I really preferred this type of texture over the latter. The chocolate was sweet and not at all waxy, while the pecans were fresh, toasted and lent a nice fragrance and texture.

Chocolate Trio ($6):

This consisted of chocolate cake topped by a layer each of milk, dark, and white chocolate mousse. This is definitely a great dessert for chocolate lovers. The chocolate cake was a tender and moist, with a slightly fudgy texture that reminded me of a brownie. The chocolate mousse was smooth, creamy, and flavourful. I did find the chocolate garnishes to taste a bit stale; otherwise, however, this is a seriously fantastic cake.

Almond Croissant ($3.95):

I gave this to my mom. She quite enjoyed it, although she did prefer the double-baked variety.

My trip to Patisserie Lebeau has certainly been very “educational”. In addition to learning the difference between Brussels and Liege waffles, I’ve also been taught the simple lesson of not judging others by appearances. I mean sure, Brussels waffles may be larger and look more appealing, but Liege waffles are tastier more beautiful on the inside, which is really what matters. Whichever type of waffle you prefer though, this is a very good bakery, and definitely worth a visit.

Food: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Liege Waffle, Cakes
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