Rain or Shine Ice Cream

I’m generally not the biggest fan of ice cream. Don’t get my wrong, I certainly would gobble down a tub of ice cream if it’s there, but it’s not really my first choice for dessert. Thus, for the longest time, I resisted going to the new Rain or Shine Ice Cream shop that has opened at UBC. I mean seriously, how good can their ice cream possibly be to justify paying $7 for a small cup when I can probably get a full 2 Litre tub for the same price at a grocery store? But, after months of seeing a flood of people go past me every day, enjoying scoops of ice cream from the aforementioned shop, I finally caved. I stepped into the store today and…I ended up spending (and eating) $15 worth of ice cream by getting both a Sundae an a 2-Scoop Waffle Cone. Hey, go big or go home right? *I just have zero self control*

Sundae ($7):

The sundae consists of your choice of 2 scoops of ice cream, 2 toppings, whipped cream, and a cherry. I picked London Fog and Malted Milk Chocolate for my ice cream, and Candied Hazelnuts and Waffle Cone Pieces for my topping. The ice cream was dense without being overly hard, and very smooth. The London Fog had a great, assertive flavour of citrus and tea while the Malted Milk Chocolate had a nice fragrance an sweetness of honey comb. I really liked their waffle cone, which was fresh, and had a crispy yet at the same time tender, melt-in-your mouth texture. The hazelnuts were also fresh and crunchy.

2 Scoop with Waffle Cone ($7):

I picked Coffee Toffee and Peanut Butter for my scoops. The Peanut Butter was nothing short of fantastic, with a perfect balance between sweet and salty flavours and a wonderful fragrance from the peanut. The Coffee Toffee had a great fragrance of coffee, and a good bittersweet flavour; however, the toffee seems to be mia as I did not get any pieces at all. The waffle cone did get a bit soggy from the ice cream, but was still very tasty.

After having tried Rain or Shine Ice Cream, I must admit, I do understand why it’s such a popular shop. Even though their prices are steep, their quality certainly does justify the cost. This place is definitely worth checking out, especially during the relatively rare “shine” days in Vancouver. Hopefully you’ll have more self control than I do (I ended up having a bit of a stomach ache for the next several hours).

Food: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Peanut Butter, Malted Milk Chocolate, London Fog

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