Basil Pasta Bar (Yew Street)

I’ve heard some mixed things about the portions from Basil Pasta Bar. There were some people who claim that their portions are relatively small, and that they are still hungry after a plate. Then there are others who swear that their portions are absolutely enormous, with one reviewer even stating that a single plate is “easily enough to feed two”. Now, I knew that the last statement is not true – there’s just absolutely no way that a single plate of food that’s not the size of a small table will be enough to make two meals – but I was curious to see if I could get full on one plate. Thus, when the opportunity arose, I made my way to their Kits location (they have another shop in Downtown, on Davie). They have a menu of “House Special Pastas”, as well as a Build Your Own option where you get to pick your own combinations of sauces, meat etc. I went with the latter option since it’s more fun. I ordered a plate of Fussili (with alfredo sauce, chorizo, broccoli, and parmesan) and Gnocchi (with pesto cream sauce, chicken, zucchini, and goat cheese). Now, I did notice the cashier struggle as she tried putting my order in through the computer, and when I received the receipt for my order, I saw that they charge me an additional $1.50 for extra meat/cheese/vegetable, even though I didn’t add that any of my dishes. I was, of course, way too cowardly to question them about the surcharge and decided to keep quiet. I mean hey, $25 is still a very good deal for two plates of pasta.

Not sure what the extra $1.50 is for, but it’s still a good deal!

Create Your Own Pasta (Fussili, $11.40):

I had the pasta with alfredo sauce, chorizo, broccoli, and parmesan. The pasta was cooked to my liking, being tender without being mushy. There was a very generous amount of shave parmesan and chorizo present. I was a bit disappointed with the alfredo sauce however, as I found it to be a bit on the thinner side and under-seasoned, making the entire dish a bit bland.

Create Your Own Pasta (Gnocchi, $10.94):

I had gnocchi with pesto cream sauce, chicken, zucchini, and goat cheese. This was the first time that I’ve had gnocchi, so I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to taste like. I can say, however, that I quite enjoyed the dumplings here. They were soft, slightly chewy, and had a good savoury flavour on their own. The pesto cream sauce was considerably thicker here, forming a nice coating on the pasta, and had a nice fragrance of basil. Although it was also somewhat bland, since the gnocchi was already seasoned, that did not bother me too much here. Again, there was a good amount of goat cheese, which was creamy and tangy, providing a nice flavour to the dish. There was also a fairly good amount of chicken.

I must say, I was very impressed by Basil Pasta Bar. Although I did find their sauces to be a bit bland an underwhelming, I still quite enjoyed the pastas, and am very impressed by the very generous amount of meat and cheese they provide. The portions were quite generous. While they’re certainly NOT enough to feed two, a single plate is enough to satisfy a glutton like me, and since I ordered two plates, I had enough left over for lunch the next day. All in all, I was very impressed by Basil Pasta Bar, and I strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a tasty and affordable meal.

Lunch for tomorrow

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Gnocchi
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