Serano Greek Pastry

How the hell do you pronouce “Galaktoboureko”? That was the question that I was when I visited Serano Greek Pastry this week. As the name implies, this bakery specializes in Greek-style baked goods. Unfortunately, not being well-versed in the Greek language, I was just completely helpless when trying to pick the sweets that I wanted. The only dessert I knew was baclava. In the end, I resorted to simply pointing at the item that I wanted instead of making a fool of myself (even more so than I already am that is) and trying to even pronounce their name. The haul included the aforementioned Baclava and Galaktoboureko, Koke with Custard, Serano Special, Kasitina, and a Cake (whose real name is a Greek word that I cannot pronounce and unfortunately missed) with Custard Cream.

Baclava ($2.25):

This consisted of layers of pastry and chopped walnuts that has been soaked in sugar/honey syrup. Due to all the liquid, the pastry has a softer, chewier texture. The nuts were also a bit soft, and I do wish that there was more of it. I did enjoy the syrup though, which was not overly sweet and seemed to have a slightly citrusy flavour.

Koke with Custard ($1.95):

This consisted of two small cakes sandwiching some icing and glazed with chocolate. The cakes were fluffy and tender. I was a bit disappointed with the filling however: the description said that it was custard but it tasted like plain icing to me (like the type that you get on sugar cookies). I did still quite enjoy it though.

Galaktoboureko ($2.50):

This was phylo pastry covering a thick layer of custard and soaked in syrup. Like the baclava, the pastry has a soft, chewier texture. The custard was a bit stiff and starchy, but still enjoyable and had a mild citrusy aroma.

Serano Special ($1.95):

This consisted of layers of cakes sandwiching buttercream and topped with more buttercream and sliced almonds. The cake was soft, albeit a tad dry. The cream, while not exactly greasy, did not have the lucious smooth texture that I like (it was still enjoyable though). I quite like the toasted almonds, which provided a nice bit of texture. Even though the cake an cream were brownish, I personally couldn’t determine what flavour it is (it did have a pretty nice fragrance, however).

Kasitina ($2.25):

This consiste of layers of chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and nuts that’s enclose with a layer of chocolate. The cake was tender and quite moist here. Again, I was not a huge fan of the cream, but I did find it reasonably enjoyable. The chocolate was just a tad waxy, but that didn’t bother me much. I quite enjoyed the nuts, which lent a nice crunch.

“Cake” with Custard Cream ($1.95):

I missed the actual name of this dessert (it’s a long Greek name that I cannot pronounce), but it consisted of layers of cake sandwiching custard cream, topped with buttercream and sliced almonds. This was great, and easily my favourite of all the desserts that I’ve tried. The cake was soft and fluffy while the custard lucious and creamy with a very nice fragrance (if only they had filled their Koke with this!). The toasted almonds provided a nice bit of crunch and fragrance. I seriously can eat half a dozen slices (and seeing that it’s currently less than $2, I could have actually done that too).

I don’t know if it’s the actual quality of the pastries or just personal tastes/preferences, but I was not the biggest fan of the pastry-type desserts at Seranos. However, I did quite like their cakes, in particular the mystery “cake” with custard cream, which was just fantastic. Their prices are also a steal. If you’re in the mood for some very afordable Greek-style baked goods, be sure to check this place out (hopefully you’re a better linguist than I am and can actually pronounce the names).

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: “cake” with the custard cream (you’ll know it when you see it)
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