Pad Thai Cuisine

I’ve been slightly put off of Thai food ever since visiting Jitlada a few months ago. While I didn’t hate the food there per se, I didn’t think it to be particularly good either, and more importantly, the portions were too small for me and left me hungry. However, after hearing about Pad Thai Cuisine, which offers (currently) $9.75 lunch specials that are apparently served in big portions, I decided that it was time to give Thai food another try and headed over to the restaurant this week. They have a pretty large selection of lunch options, and it was a bit of a struggle for me to choose what to get. In the end, I ended up ordering their Chicken Cashew Nuts and Chili Pepper Fried Rice (with Beef).

Chicken Cashew Nuts ($9.75):

This consisted of a generous portion of stir-fried chicken, bell peppers, onions, and celery, and was served with rice and a spring roll. While not exactly caramelized, it was still pretty well-cooked and not at all watery like the version I had at Jitlada. Although the vegetables made up the majority of the dish, there was still a good amount of chicken, which appears to be dark meat and was very tender and juicy. It was a bit on the saltier side, and I did find the flavours to be a bit one-note (I would have liked there to be some heat and/or sweetness). I also could have done with more cashew nuts.

Chili Pepper Fried Rice (Beef, $9.75):

The dish consisted of fried rice with chili pepper, onions and other vegetables and your choice of meat (I had the beef), and came with a spring roll. Again the portion was quite generous: you receive a heaping plate full of rice. The rice had a nice fragrance from the onions and pepper, but I personally found it to be a bit on the blander side. I would have also liked a bit more heat. I was very impressed by their beef however, which was quite tender and not at all dry.

Spring Roll (comes with lunch specials):

The spring rolls that I received was relatively fresh and still hot. It was very crispy, although a tad oily. Unfortunately it was mostly wrapper, with very little filling. Although I was definitely happy to receive them with my lunch specials, they aren’t something that I’d recommend ordering by themselves. This is the one dish that I think that Jitlada does better.

I was not disappointed by my visit to Pad Thai Cuisine. Their portions are indeed very generous, especially for the price, and since I had ordered two entrees, I had more than enough food leftover for lunch tomorrow (oddly, I actually found the food to taste even better reheated the next day). If you’re on the lookout for some affordable and relatively tasty grub, be sure to check this place out! The seating is relatively limited, so be prepared for some waits when it gets busy.

Tomorrow’s lunch

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Lunch Specials
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