The Fish Counter

Everything tastes better deep-fried in my opinion. Case in point: I typically don’t care for fish. At best it’s lean and boring, at worst it’s got some terrible, disgusting “fishy” smell. However, if you coat a piece of fish in batter, deep-fry it a golden-crispy brown and serve it up with a side of French fries and tartar sauce…well, let’s just say that you’ve got my interest.

Anyways, I was visiting my absolute favourite place in all of Vancouver this week, aka Trafiq (more on that in a future post), and I decided to make my way to The Fish Counter a few streets down for lunch. They are a small fish shop that happen to also have a kitchen serving up what many consider to be one of the best renditions of fish & chips in Vancouver. I got a 1 pc Halibut & Chips with an extra piece of Ling Cod.

1 pc Halibut & Chips ($14.95):

Literally the ONLY time I’m excited about seafood

This was served with a side of slaw, tartar sauce, and a good amount of fries. The coating on the halibut was fantastic: light and crispy. The fish was meaty and flaky, and most importantly very fresh, without any off-putting smell. I did find the fish to be bland on its own however; I don’t think that they seasoned the meat at all. I personally didn’t really care for the slaw, which seemed to be dressed in some mustard and had a strong peppery flavour. Their fries were almost like actual potato chips as they were quite thinly sliced and very crispy (and tasty).

1 pc Ling Cod ($9.99):


Once again, coating was incredibly light and crispy. The fish was juicier than the halibut, and again was extremely fresh and had no off flavour whatsoever. Again however, the fish did not seem to be seasoned and was a bit bland on its own.

Even though I’m usually not the biggest fan of seafood, I quite enjoyed the Fish & Chips at the Fish Counter. The prices are a bit high, but given their quality, I think that it’s worth the price. The seating is quite limited: there are only a few counters and benches available. I do wish that they could add some seats for their counter at the front of the room (currently you eat standing), but then again, I’m exceptionally lazy. All in all, this is a fantastic place for some quality, fresh and sustainable seafood.

Food: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Fish & Chips
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