Nat’s New York Pizzeria

They say a picture’s worth 1000 words. So here’s a picture:

*celestial music playing*

In case you can’t tell what this is, it’s a slice of Mac and Cheese pizza. Yes, they have finally done it. They have combined two great dishes together to make something so incredible that I seriously cannot find the words to describe the feeling of ecstasy that coursed through me when I caught sight of this monstrosity. And by “they” I’m referring to Nat’s New York Pizzeria. They are a casual pizza/Italian joint with two locations in Vancouver. I’ve passed by their Broadway/Kits location a number of times (their other location is in Denman), and decided to finally check them out this week. While they are probably best known for their New York-style thin crust pizza, which they sell in large individual slices in addition to whole pies, I’ve heard great things about their sandwiches (heros), so I got an X Large Veal Cutlet Parmesan Hero on my first visit.

Veal Cutlet Parmesan Hero (X Large, $12.95):

The sandwich had a pretty generous amount of filling, which consisted of breaded veal, tomato sauce, mozzarella, as well as onions and peppers. It was a very messy sandwich; I used an embarassing amount of napkins while scarfing this down. The bread was quite soft and light. There was a good amount of veal present, which was tender and well-seasoned. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of tomato sauce and I didn’t really care too much for the one in this sandwich; it was quite thin and dripping everywhere. I do also wish that there was more cheese present; most of the mozzarella appears to be present on the edges and I seriously could not detect any parmesan. I had the X Large size (which I think is the same size as the large, except with more filling), and while I didn’t have much trouble finishing it all in one sitting, it was quite a large sandwich and very filling (and probably enough for two meals for someone with a smaller appetite).

Of course, I can’t review this place without trying their pies, so I returned the next day to get a few slices of their pizza. Now, having visited the day before and seen the available flavours, I had already planned on which varieties to get. That plan quickly went out of the window however when I saw the Mac and Cheese-topped pizza sitting in the display case, just beckoning to me. I had no choice. I just HAD to ge a slice of that. I also picked up a slice of their N.Y. Deli and BBQ Chicken. They warm the slices up for you in their oven, so you get them fresh and hot.

N.Y. Deli Pizza ($3.75):

N.Y. Deli (left) and BBQ Chicken (right)

This came topped with capicollo, ham, pepperoni and salami. I quite liked the crust on this pizza was thin and very crispy. There was a good amount of meat, which was nice and salty, as well as gooey cheese. It was a bit greasy, but I didn’t mind; I like greasy, fattening food. Maybe it’s just because I don’t have a good palate, but I honestly couldn’t distinguish between the different meats; they all tasted like pepperoni to me.

BBQ Chicken Pizza ($3.75):
This consisted of ranch, olive oil, sweet onion, bell pepper and Nat’s BBQ sauce (as well as, of course, chicken). Again, the crust was nice and crispy. The chicken was a bit dry but still tender. I quite liked the BBQ sauce, which was sweet with a nice smokey flavour.

Mac and Cheese Pizza (around $5.75):

This is the pièce de résistance. I don’t know if this is a special/limited-edition flavour; I haven’t seen the flavour being offered on their website and it wasn’t present when I visited the shop the day before. The piece came topped with a thick layer of mac and cheese, as well as tomato sauce and bits of ground beef. I did find the mac and cheese to be a bit bland and the pasta was overcooked and too soft. It was still quite tasty however, and very fun to eat (I had to use a fork on this). While the price of around $6 is a bit steep, the slice is absolutely massive (probably 2x bigger than their already large regular slices), and is probably enough to feed a person with a normal appetite. Now, even though I had already scarfed down the aforementioned N.Y. Deli and BBQ Chicken pizza, I could have still finished the Mac and Cheese. However, just because I COULD didn’t mean that I SHOULD, and since I did already get a bit of a stomach ache from devouring an entire X Large hero the day before, I decided not to take my chances, and ended up taking half of the pizza to-go to enjoy as a “snack” for later.

The Mac and Cheese pizza at Nat’s New York Pizzeria has been worth the visit alone. It may not be the greatest thing that I’ve ever eaten, but seriously, how often do you get to eat a mac and cheese pizza? The rest of the food is also quite good, and the prices are fairly reasonable if you factor in their larger portions. Overall, be sure to check this out if you enjoy pizza or other greasy but tasty Italian-American fast-food.

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Hero, Pizza (BBQ Chicken, Mac and Cheese if it’s available)
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