Koala Kebabs Donairs

When it comes to picking meat my order of preference typically goes 1) chicken (which is easily the safest, especially if it’s dark meat), 2) pork (I love me some tender belly or meaty back ribs), 3) lamb/beef. I generally don’t like lamb or beef. Beef can often be dry and flavourless; lamb, while generally more tender, can have an unpleasant gamey flavour. I did pick lamb over chicken during my visit to Dosa Factory however (since I’m a cheap Asian and cannot resist getting the more expensive meat), and actually ended up quite enjoying it. Now, after my recent visit to Koala Kebab Donair, I think that I might be changing my mind on lamb and beef. The latter is (if you haven’t guessed by the name) one of a number of spots in Vancouver offering donairs/pita/gyros/shawarma (seriously, what is the difference between all of these?), with either falafel, chicken or beef & lamb. I went for my go-to chicken (large of course). Since I did want to be more adventurous with my eating, I decided to also get one of their beef & lamb donairs (also large).

Small menu to choose from

Large Chicken Donair ($9.29 + $1.50 for Cheese):

The wrap came with your choice of vegetables and sauce; I picked the spicy mango. I also added mozzarella cheese to my donair for an extra $1.50 charge. There was a good amount of chicken, which was tender and juicy with a nice smokey taste without being overly charred. The mango sauce was sweet and had a fantastic fragrance. Unfortunately, they were stingy with the cheese and I seriously couldn’t even detect it at all; not worth the extra $1.50.

Large Lamb & Beef Donair ($9.29 + $1.50 for Cheese):

I picked garlic mayo for this wrap, as well as feta cheese for an extra $1.50. I normally don’t like lamb or beef (beef can often be dry and flavourless while lamb is known for having a gamey flavour), but I LOVED the meat in this wrap. It was tender, juicy, well-seasoned with a great bit of spice and not at all gamey. The mayo was creamy and had a great garlicy flavour. Again, they were stingy with the cheese, which was honestly undetectable in the wrap; not worth the extra cost.

So the lamb & beef donair at Koala Kebab Donair is seriously fantastic and has really given me a good incentive to try other types of meat in the future. Unfortuantely, I did find the prices to be a bit high: while the donairs certainly tasted much better than the ones from Donair Dude, they aren’t quite as large and didn’t really fill me up. Moreover, they were quite stingy with the cheese, which was not worth the extra $1.50 in my opinion. In spite of the higher cost however, I’d still definitely recommend checking this place out; their wraps are seriously delicious.

Food: 4.5/5
Price: 3/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Donair (try the Lamb & Beef – it’s fantastic)
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