D’oro Gelato e Caffè

I’m not the biggest fan of ice cream. It’s shocking, I know. Now, I don’t have anything againt ice cream; I’ll certainly eat it if it’s there. I just don’t find ice cream to be substantial enough to serve as a “main dish”. To me, it’s more like a garnish or sauce to enhance a slice of pie or brownie. Thus, when I visited D’oro Gelato & Caffè today, it wasn’t for their gelato (although they do have a very large selection of delicious-looking gelatos), but for their baked goods. They have a good selection of house-made Italian-style pastries and cakes. I picked up a Pistachio Cannoli, Chocolate Ganache Cheescake, Chocolate Temptation Cake and Almond Croissant.

Pistachio Cannoli ($3.60):

This consisted of a shell that’s filled with (what I think is) ricotta and studded with some crushed pistachios at the ends. Although the shell was a tad soggy, the filling was quite delicious: thick, creamy, mildly sweet with a really nice fragrance (possibly lemon).

Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake ($6.15):

This consisted of a layer of cake/brownie topped with a thick layer of cheesecake and covered with crumbled bits of chocolate cake on top. The cheesecake was firm (which is how I like it) yet creamy, with a nice tang. The cake/brownie crust was rich and fudgy. Definitely one of the better cheesecakes that I’ve had.

Chocolate Temptation Cake ($7.05):

This consisted of chocolate mousse sandwiched between layers of cake/wafer and covered in a chocolate ganache. The mousse was soft, smooth and creamy while the cake/wafer was moist and fragrant (I think there might be some hazelnut flavour), with a nice crispy texture at the bottom. The dessert is on the sweeter side, but I personally really enjoyed it.

Almond Croissant ($4.65):

Treat (almond croissant) for the mom

I didn’t eat this, I gave it to my mom, who loves double-baked croissants, but is too much of a cheap Asian to spend the $4-5 on buying on herself. She really enjoyed it, so it’s a big thumbs up from her.

While I haven’t tried any of their gelatos, I have to say that the baked goods are quite good and worth the visit alone. The staff is very friendly. I do find the prices of some of their desserts to be too steep (a small slice of cake currently runs for $6-$7). Otherwise, it is definitely a nice spot for some Italian treats and ice cream (they also have a gorgeous selection of ice cream cakes too).

Food: 4/5
Price: 2.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
D'oro Gelato e Caffè Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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