La Cuisson

I don’t usually buy drinks. And no, I’m not just referring to alcohol (I seriously cannot stand the taste of alcohol), but also coffee/tea/other liquids in general. It’s not that I don’t like drinks (I do enjoy a good latte/milkshake/frap); I just prefer to save my money and stomach for poutine/pasta/cakes/fried chicken/a thousand other solids that I love. Hence, when I visited La Cuisson this week, it wasn’t for any of their drinks but rather their desserts. They are one of several tea rooms in Kerrisdale and has, in addition to quite an extensive menu of tea/coffee/fancy drinks, a selection of cakes and other sweets made in the Asian-style. I got their Mango Mousse, Matcha Redbean Mousse and Royal Chocolate Cake.

Mango Mousse ($6.25):

This consisted of a thin layer of cake topped with mango mousse and pieces of mango. The mousse was light and had a wonderful, fresh tang that’s similar to that of a lemon tart. The mango flavour was strong without being artificial.

Matcha Redbean Mousse ($6.25):

This consisted of a thin layer of sponge cake topped with matcha mousse that is studded with pieces of sweetened red beans. The mousse again was very light and only mildly sweet. I did find the matcha flavour to be a bit too subtle and hard to detect.

Royal Chocolate Cake ($6.25):

This consisted of a layer of crispy wafer and a thin layer of cake topped with chocoalte mousse. Similar to the other desserts, the mousse was quite light but had a nice bittersweet flavour. I absolutely adored the wafer crust, which was sweet and had a fantastic crispy texture.

While I haven’t tried any of the drinks at La Cuisson, their pastries are quite well-made and ideal for those who don’t like overly-sweet desserts. Personally, I do find the prices for their pastries to be a bit on the higher side. Otherwise, this seems to be a pretty decent option for some drinks and lighter desserts.

Food: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Mango Mousse, Royal Chocolate Cake
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