Au Petit Cafe

One of the restaurants that I’ve been wanting to check out for quite some time is Au Petit Cafe. They are a small but popular restaurant that has apparently been highly lauded for having fantastic homestyle Vietamese food. I finally got around to visiting the place this Monday. Being a massive lover of curries in all its known forms (Indian, Japanse, Malaysian etc) as well as bread, I naturally gravitated towards their Curry Beef Stew Served with French Bread.

Curry Beef Stew Served with French Bread ($11.95):

Literally drooling as I look at this picture and remember how great the dish was

The curry beef stew contained several pieces of beef and tendon, as well as a few large chunks of carrots. I honestly cannot say which I liked more, the stew or the bread. Both the meat and tendon were perfectly cooked, incredibly tender and needed very little chew. The curry broth was fragrant, mild and sweet. The bread was absolutely fantastic: warm and fresh, with a nice crispy exterior and a softy, airy interior. It was of course great for dipping into the curry broth, but it’s seriously delicious enough to enjoy on its own as well. My only critique is that I did find the curry to be a bit too one-note in its sweetness; I would have liked there to be a bit of heat. I did also find the portion to be on the smaller side; I was still somewhat hungry upon finishing it (I really wanted to order a Banh Mi, but I’m DESPERATELY trying to conserve my money right now).

Complimentary Tea:


It isn’t often that a restaurant that’s been receiving rave reviews manage to live up to my high expectations; I have to say that Au Petit Cafe is an example of one that manages to accomplish that. The food is seriously great. Unfortuantely, their prices have steadily been increasing over the years (the beef stew that I had was apparently less than $10 on a menu 1-2 years ago). However, considering the quality of the food, I have to say that it is worth paying a little extra. I’d definitely recommend checking this place out. Be warned, they’re cash only, so make sure that you’ve got some bills on you!

Food: 4.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Curry Beef Stew, Banh Mi
Au Petit Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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