Moore’s Bakery & Delicatessen

So I cannot spell “delicatessen”. After trying several times during the writing for this review, I finally gave up and just googled the word. And it was then did I realise that I’ve been pronouncing it wrong all along: it’s apparently “delicatessen” and not “delitacessin”. Good to know.

Anyways, I stopped by Moore’s Bakery & Delicatessen this weekend for some obligatory sweets. They have a very large selection of cookies, as well as some bars, cupcakes and savouries. I got an Almond Dollar Bar, a Strawberry Cheesecake, and a Chocolate Eclair.

Almond Dollar Bar ($2.45):

This is like a mini chocolate bar consisting of layers of almond paste and cookie/cake, and coated in a layer of chocolate. The chocolate was not of the highest quality and tasted a bit waxy. Still, it was quite tasty, and I enjoyed it for what it was.

Strawberry Cheesecake ($3.60):

The layer of “cheesecake” was kind of weird; it was very firm and had a slightly gummy texutre (I think that they probably have gelatin in there). I honestly did not care much for it; it really did not have much flavour aside from a slight tang, and was a little artificial. The strawberry perserves were quite tasty and had chunks of real fruit present; unfortunately they were pretty stingy with it; there was only a small, thin layer on the bottom, beneath the thick bland layer of “cheesecake”. The slice was also very small, and not really worth the $3.60.

Chocolate Eclair ($3.60):

The dough was a bit salty, which was a bit off-putting at first; however, it stopped bothering me as I continued on eating. There was a generous amount of cream inside, which tasted quite fresh, albeit a little bland. The chocolate again was a tad bit waxy. Overall, not a bad dessert, but nothing to write home about either.

Unfortunately, my visit to Moore’s left my a bit disappointed. Their food is alright at best, and I think they’re pretty overpiced for the quality. Overall, I wasn’t really impressed and can’t really say that I’d recommend checking this place out when there are quite a number of other places available in the area.

Food: 3/5
Price: 2.5/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 2.5/5
Recommendations: N/A (I’d skip this place)
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