Moii Cafe

I haven’t eaten many crepes before. They seem to be too dainty to me, too hoity-toity if you will, and not exactly something that I’d crave. But I’m in the business of trying new things this year, and that includes crepes. Fortunately, one quick search on the internet helped me overcome any misgivings that I have regarding crepes: there are some places in Vancouver that are making seriously gorgeous-looking versions that I actually found myself drooling over. One of them was Moii Cafe. Thus, the moment that I had the chance, I took the 99 B-line to Cambie where the cafe was located. They have a pretty good menu with some interesting flavours like tuna and cheesecake. I got their Terimayo and Nutella with Marshmallow crepe, along with a large Americano.

Terimyao Crepe ($10.50):

Chicken, Bonito Flakes, Cheese, Okonomi Sauce, Wasabi
The crepe itself was soft and chewy. It had a generous amount of filling: I got chicken in almost every bite. The chicken tender, juicy, and extremely flavourful. The okonomi sauce, which seems to be some form of mayo, provided a really nice sweetness while the wasabi lent a bit of heat and the bonito flakes a nice savoury flavour. I’d highly recommend this crepe.

Nutella Crepe + Marshmallow ($7.50):

I don’t know if they used a different batter for the crepe of if they just cooked it a bit differently, but the crepe here’s quite different from the terimayo: it’s considerably crispier and a tad bit dry for my liking. Again there was a generous amount of filling, and I had nutella in every bite. The marshmallows unfortunately were a bit wasted here; even though I could see them in the crepe, I really could not taste them and they really added nothing at all to the crepe. I do wish that I had just stuck to the classic banana instead.

Large Americano ($3.50):


Thanks to my experience at Moii Cafe, I have to now add crepes to the LONG and ever-growing list of foods that I crave (seriously both my wallet and my waistline are screaming right now). Food aside, I was somewhat taken aback by the general atmosphere of hte place: it was very relaxed and casual, almost like a child daycare with some sofas as well as board games and books available. In fact, most of the customers don’t seem to have come to eat, but just order a coffee or some other drink and spend a few hours working/studying on their laptops or going through papers. So I guess that this place can double as a local hangout if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Food: 4/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4/5
Recommendations: Terimayo Crepe
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