Panidor Bakery Cafe

RIP The Last Crumb. I’ve enjoyed your pie and I’ve been really looking forward to trying your cakes, but alas, you closed before I could. You will be missed.

So Panidor has opened in the place where The Last Crumb used to be. They are a French bakery, and some of their staff had quite thick French accents, whcih I thought was kind of cute (that’s not racist, is it?) I visited them this week, during the latest “snowmageddon” to hit Vancouver because NO AMOUNT OF SNOW OR HORRIBLE TRAFFIC IS GOING TO STOP THIS PIG FROM GETTING HER SWEETS GODDAMN IT! *Sorry that I got a little carried away there; I’m very passionate when it comes to desserts. Anyways, for my visit, I picked up a Ganache Cherry Pistachio Tart, a Mini Croq’embouche and a Croissant with Pistachios and Almond Cream for the mom.

Ganache Cherry Pistachio Tart ($5.99):

This consisted of a layer of cherry and pistachio paste that was topped by chocolate ganache. Of all the items that I’ve tried, this was easily my favourite. The crust was tender, buttery and cut easily. The cherry lent a really nice bit of tang while the pistachios had a great fragrance and richness. The chocolate was rich, bitter-sweet and not at all waxy. It was also fairly large, and definitely worth the price.

Mini Croq’embouche ($4.50):

This consisted of four balls of cream puffs that are held together by caramelized sugar. The balls were filled with an impressive amount of pastry cream (*MUST RESIST MAKING IMMATURE BALL JOKE*). Unfortunately, I did find the cream to be kind of bland, although it did have a nice, thick creamy texture. Fortunately, the sugar coating the cream puffs did lend some much-needed sweetness, as well as a nice crunch.

Croissant with Pistachios and Almond Cream ($4.50):

I actually didn’t eat this; I gave it to my mom, who loved croissants. She enjoyed it, but says that it wasn’t as good as the ones from Timbertrain or Cadeaux. I also thought that it was a bit on the smaller side.

I’m quite impressed by Panidor. While I do still miss The Last Crumb, I don’t think that this bakery’s a bad replacement, and I do hope that they manage to stick around. I’d recommend people to check this place out. Just make sure not to go during another snowmageddon (I probably spent well over an hour waiting for the buses to arrive).

Food: 3.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Ganache Cherry Pistachio Tart

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