Catch 122 Bistro

Okay, I’ll admit it, I have a problem: I’m addicted to French toast. Ever since having this dish at the Twisted Fork a couple of months ago, I’ve been seriously obsessed with the dish and will almost always order it if it’s available on a menu. So when I learned about the Banana Pudding French Toast that’s being served at Catch 122 Bistro, I HAD to visit the restaurant to try it out. I finally had the opportunity today. Along with the aforementioned french toast, I also got a side of their house-made sausage.

Banana Pudding French Toast ($13):

I have to admit, I was initially a bit disappointed by the portion size: there were only 2 pieces of modest-sized toast. Fortunately, what this dish lacked in size, it certainly made up for in taste: this is one of the best french toast that I’ve had thus far. The bread had been thoroughly soaked in syrup/batter, and the edges were crispy and caramelized while the interior was soft and moist. It was sweet, though not overly so, and had a great cinnamon flavour. It was topped with oatmeal, which lent a nice bit of crunchy texutre. I did find the ricotta to be a bit bland; I think that I would have preferred whipped cream. Also, I didn’t detect any banana in the dish, although that’s not really a bit issue for me.

Sausage ($4):

The sausage was tender and juicy, with a nice peppery flavour. I personally would have liked it to be a bit more seasoned (I have a pretty salty pallet). Additionally, I found the size to be too small; I want my sausages to be long and thick! The biggger the better! (I’m so sorry, I just cannot resist making bad dirty jokes).

Coffee ($3):


I’ve really wanted to try the French toast at Catch 122, and I’m glad to report that I was not disappointed. Although I did find the portion to be a bit small (at least for a big eater like me), the price wasn’t too bad. The staff were also friendly and attentive. The service was a bit slow however: I had to wait >20 minutes for my food (I’ve seriously been having the worst luck in this regard lately). Overall, I’ve had a pretty good experience at this restaurant and will likely be thinking about their French toast in the days to come.

Food: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5
Recommendations: Banana Pudding French Toast
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