One of my favourite places in Vancouver is Cadeaux. I absolutely love the cakes that they make, and I honestly quiver with excitement whenever I’m about to visit the bakery (I might have a serious addiction to pastries, but I REFUSE to acknowledge it). They always have their London Fog and Carrot cakes available, along with a rotating Chocolate variety. Unfortunately, the chocolate variety that they had during my latest was Chocolate Raspberry Latte, which I’ve already had before. As much as I LOVED that cake (I think that it just might be the best chocolate cake in Vancouver), I decided to get the Carrot Cake instead. Why? Because it’s taller (meaning a bigger portion), that’s why! Additionally, I got their Pistachio Caramel Bavarois, Chocolate Covered Vanilla Cheesecake, and an Almond Croissant for my mom.

Pistachio Caramel Bavarois ($5.95):

This consisted of a layer of pistachio-flavoured bavarois on top of a shortbread crust and covered by a lyaer of caramel. I’ve never had bavarois before; it’s supposed to be whipped cream that’s been thickened with gelatin. The bavarois here was thick and smooth, with a slight bit of tang and a pretty assertive (although a tad artificial) pistachio flavour. I really liked the shortbread crust at the bottom, which was tender and cut easily. The caramel on top unfortunately did not seem to have any flavour at all, although it did look pretty.

Chocolate Covered Vanilla Cheesecake ($5.95):

The cheesecake was rich, smooth and tangy. The chocolate coating lent a nice bit of fragrance, and was not at all waxy. I was a bit disappointed to find that it did not have a crust (personal preference), but this is still one of the better cheesecakes that I’ve had.

Carrot Cake ($6.25):

I received an end piece, which came with both advantages and disdvantages. Advantages: since the end is also frosted, the piece had more cream cheese frosting than regular slices, and if I’m being honest, 90% of the reason why I gravitate towards carrot cake is for the cream cheese frosting. Disadvantages: the slice is not particularly photogenic, and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, end pieces appear to be considerably smaller than regular pieces (the slice that I received was noticeably smaller than the one that I got from a previous visit *sob*). Fortunately, the cake still tasted fantastic. The frosting was tangy, smooth and creamy, with a nice hint of vanilla. The cake was moist, choked full of raisins and nuts, and had a great spice. Although my current favourite cake is the “Chester” from Black Rook Bakehouse, this is still wonderful, and I can eat this every day (I probably would too if I didn’t have to bus >1.5 hours to/from the shop).

Almond Croissant ($3.90):

I didn’t eat that croissant myself: my mom had it, and absolutely loved it. It was pretty reasonably priced too.

Cadeaux has never failed to disappoint me, and my latest visit has been no different. I absolutely love this bakery. I suppose I should be thankful that it’s located so far from my house, I’d be obscenely overweight (even more so than I currently am) otherwise.

Food: 4.5/5
Price: 4/5
Service: N/A
Overall: 4.5/5
Recommendations: Cakes (whichever flavour you prefer)
Cadeaux Bakery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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